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Reality Check: Surviving Inflationary Depression

Everyone is extremely concerned about what we see, and know, is coming our way economically. The global bankers have made their agenda clear, they haven’t ‘hidden’ it, they’ve just distracted us completely from it. They’ve manipulated our minds to become ‘mass guinea pigs’ by testing out how far they can go, what people will do, how they can use us. If it isn’t clear by now, it should be- despite the dangers of many of the drugs and activities they have promoted for us to engage in, we have bought it all hook line and sinker.

What things? DANGEROUS drugs. For example, Botox, which is a drug created from the venom of poisonous snakes. In huge numbers people, who want to avoid the natural processes and dignities of aging, are willing to use this extremely dangerous chemical for beauty purposes. There are others: aspartame, Lunesta, the list goes on and on. What else? Sex changes: in order to ‘fulfill our minds’ many are willing to go to the ultimate extreme, deny what our bodies ACTUALLY are, and have them changed surgically, even going so far as to have a ‘cosmetic castration’ and have testicles removed!

Families have been destroyed; what once was a ‘productive’ community of families- men, women, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, are now each broken, each person isolated, each cannot get along with the other. Marriage is no longer ‘marriage.’ We slaughter the next generation by abortion, who each had a destiny and a role to play in helping our world through this critical time, all in the interest of ‘choice.’

We have disconnected real consequences from our real actions and therefore we are ripe for gradual but relentless forwarding of the program for mass slaughter.

We are nothing but toys to these people, all the way to the ultimate extremes. We have been a vast pool of guinea pigs to try out every drug, every chemical, every procedure, at our own expense and at the expense of the taxpayers, everything they needed done to pursue the sci-fi dream of Asimov: continuous life through drugs and replacement parts, for the few who can afford it. They don’t even need to endure the testing to see what works and what doesn’t- WE do that FOR them.

Their intentions toward humanity as a whole are NOT GOOD. They have destroyed our ability to survive in the REAL world, with natural things; who now knows how to raise a chicken, weave cloth; make soap? Owning livestock now, without an RFID chip, is illegal. Home-made food cannot be sold to anyone, not even at a roadside stand. They have bled us dry and will continue to do so wherever possible. In the event some survival knowledge remains, they have taken ownership of ALL of our assets, resources and raw materials. They almost entirely control agriculture. Without raw materials, we have nothing to work with for our needs.

Now they’re taking the economy down to the depths of the kind of debt that we will NEVER be able to ‘pay off’ to get back on our feet. Supposedly we are in debt to these global bankers for at MINIMUM, not including interest, for 750 years! They aren’t counting our bailouts, the government money that put them in business in the first place, the extraordinary living they’ve all had at our expense. They will hold us accountable for EVERY PENNY as long as they also have the military and militias, guns and weapons, communication and transportation to enforce it.

We have, in effect, sold our souls to these ruthless taskmasters for some comfort, for some fantasy and illusion, for some ‘superiority.’ We are addicted to the artificial society they create, and unless we go out of our way to break that addiction, they will control us more and more. In a real way this is the ‘matrix’ though the form is a little different. They would have us believe that God is in control of the matrix. God, in the final analysis, is the only one who can actually FREE us from it.

The next step, once the economy has actually collapsed, is to hold out the promise of a ‘new’ economy provided we accept their tracking chips. The fact that these have graduated from mere removable devices to tissues that actually become PART of our bodies is really downplayed but- it is real. Once there, they will NEVER be removed. When we accept those, our choices will really be over. So many people will choose that over ‘doing without’ and over ‘suffering to end the tyranny’ that those who do oppose this will find little or no support anywhere, and may actually face betrayal at the hands of family, friends and neighbors, co-workers, bosses- just as under Stalin. It will only be clandestinely that a ‘society of opposition’ can be found, those who managed to escape while they still could, those who would rather ‘live free or die.’

The promise of economic participation won’t be ‘free’ like it has been. As in Europe, the government will decide for you. The government will ‘issue’ jobs, will tell an employer who to hire, tell an employee who they work for, tell both what the employee will make, what the business will charge. etc. Your standard of living will be ‘assigned’ by the government and you will NEVER leave that state unless the government says you do.

Americans will find this intolerable.

These people know this. They plan on rounding up everyone who is certain to oppose: Christians who believe that the tracking chip is the ‘mark of the beast.’ Patriots who feel that it is the ‘ultimate betrayal of our Constitution and country.’ And so on.

To enforce this they will be doing something that has NEVER happened in this country, in the last depression, and that is to use the military, police forces and militias to enforce their will on us.

The best way, of course, is to head this off at the pass, while there is still time. It is also BEST done state by state- when the majority of the states resist their takeover, their gutting the Constitution, and DEMAND adherence to the Constitution, they will have a MUCH harder time bringing this about and the enforcement necessary will extend even their own vast resources.

Remember Europe: the threats of the global bankers to take down economies was real. Kings and Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers, have attempted to face down these bankers and, unwilling to face the dire consequences of collapsed economies and clandestine ‘enforcers,’ the propaganda forces arrayed against ALL opposition, the politicians and business people GUARANTEED to face trumped up charges, public humiliation, even imprisonment unless they compromised. They have settled for a ‘friendly fascism.’ Soon it will not be so ‘friendly.’

Doing as Ron Paul suggests and running for EVERY SINGLE OFFICE, taking EVERY SINGLE POLITICAL OPPORTUNITY, and when we get them MAXIMIZING the opportunities for political resistance is absolutely the very best way to turn this around.

Barring that, if that fails, the future is grim.

By all means, read ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ by Steinbeck. Put yourself in their shoes, and add in the modern technology and warfare, modern chemicals and chem-trails, modern enforcement practices, surveillance, tracking devices, and Blackwater.

THEN you’ll get a sense of the skills you’ll need, whether you cooperate with their new world order or you don’t.

More later.


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