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FDA Seizure of Nutritional Supplements: Ron Paul was Right!

This past Wednesday, in Brighton, Michigan the FDA SWAT, (U.S. Attorney’s office of Detroit, the USDA) did a search and seizure operation against a nutritional supplement supplier, LG Sciences LLC in a RAID.

The release states” the business was allegedly selling products containing ‘illegal food additives’ and ‘untested dietary ingredients‘ labeled as supplements. The supplements were marketed to body builders. The products were distributed online or in retail stores under the names of Methyl 1-D, Methyl 1-D XL, and the Formadrol Extreme XL. The seized products allegedly contain one or more food additives or ingredients that haven’t been proven safe for consumption. No scientific information has been presented to FDA officials on whether those ingredients are hazardous.” The Oakland Press, Saturday April 5, 2008 page A-5 Police Blotter.

The virtually UNCONTESTED Homeland Security Bill H.R. 5005 AUTHORIZES the illegal search and seizure of nutritional supplements that are not the patented property of Big Pharma, and that law is being ENFORCED against peaceful citizens who are providing a wanted product to other peaceful citizens.

Where were these agencies when China shipped in poisoned pet food ingredients???? Where are they when scientists present ROCK SOLID evidence against chemicals mass produced and sold, even though they KILL people?

There have been MANY cases of big pharma presenting products that were actually very damaging for human use, where there was a GREAT DEAL OF EVIDENCE OF THEIR HARM AND TOXICITY, such as food containers; such as aspartame; and they STILL approved their use and distribution, for the reason that large corporations saw real money in them. The issue of human health was summarily dismissed and ignored, and people who believe the false propaganda have been using them ever since. We are beginning to pay the price for THAT now, in serious increases in disease, obesity, diabetes, and so on.

The excuse being floated for this travesty is there is a suspicion of steroids. Steroids have been claimed falsely against Lance Armstrong and other Tour de France American athletes; steroids are a natural substance that can be ‘over produced’ by athletic and stressed bodies, like POWER LIFTERS. Steroids is one more false strawman argument that they use to justify personal property seizures.

I want to know: WHERE ARE OUR ‘REPRESENTATIVES IN ALL THIS????’ Why aren’t they demanding that the rights of the citizens be adhered to???

Ron Paul was right. This was another power grab by big corporations to use the enforcement power of the state, against people’s private property and their right to choose what nutritional supplements they want to use, in order to hand over on a silver platter a profitable and popular industry.

One more thing: it is clear from the articles that the government has NO INTENTION of bringing criminal charges against these people. Therefore, without a Constitutionally LEGAL warrant, without proof of intentional criminal wrong-doing, the government has SEIZED the personal property of these people, worth $1.3 MILLION DOLLARS, without benefit of due process. They will probably NEVER receive their property back, they will face HUGE legal bills… it is a MASSIVE INJUSTICE against AMERICAN CITIZENS; against MICHIGAN CITIZENS.

This is ONLY THE BEGINNING OF A lot more misery to come.

We ignore this at our peril.

[[EDIT: This is NOT in the online version of the Oakland Press- it is ONLY in the print version. I will scan a copy and post later.]]

Here is the take from MLIVE Other links here; retailer’s link here; bodybuilding forum here; topix wire; meddesktop blog here.



[…] Will wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThis past Wednesday, in Brighton, Michigan the FDA SWAT, (US Attorney’s office of Detroit, the USDA) did a search and seizure operation against a nutritional supplement supplier, LG Sciences LLC in a RAID. … […]

  Donna Reich wrote @

I am outraged by this preposterous seizure by the FDA!!! There are more damaging drugs on the market that they should be removing, not to mention alcohol, which is legal and kills many INNOCENT people who do not even drink it!!! The FDA is nothing but a tool of the big pharma and I’m getting sick of it! Americans need to wise up about this issue before it’s too late!
Donna Reich

  stevie kolonich young wrote @

I am so sick of the FDA and their stupidity to get rid of all the natural supplements, but yet they keep all these drugs that cause more diseases, there are so many other things that are un-natural that are killing people, but yet they approve it, this is why i don’t trust them and they are complete idiots!

  Mark Kruspe wrote @

First of all I think it’s foolish that you people are dumb enough to take a product off of the market for your own greed

I was wonder don’t you idiots make enough money with all the drug raids going on

  Brian wrote @

End the FED

  Krystle wrote @

This is laughable!! Seriously…let’s allow pharmacuetical drugs to kill people…that’s ok right?? WRONG!! How about you start taking those off the shelves!!

  Rudy wrote @

This is absurd. The FDA’s in bed with Big Pharma and this whole thing is just an elaborate scheme to begin the process of one by one, eliminating supplements altogether. They picked the perfect target for their first one: a fairly small company with that TABOO word “steroids’ attached to it. And all the praise to the FDA in the media for “protecting us” (so reminiscent of the Patriot Act) from this “harmful” natural substance. Great way for them to gain public trust. This is just the beginning. I expect the next target to be another relatively small company, probably another one of their “steroid scams” with more praise in the media, more public trust. And since they’ve been successful in the past, they’ll move on to larger companies until one day we go to the health food store to buy our supplements and the store is closed. But never fear, Big Pharma to the rescue with a $200 a month prescription to fix whatever ails us. Just one more step toward fascism…

  Denise Conklin wrote @

there are more important things to worry about than nutritional supplements. What about cigarettes, why are they legal… just because they make alot of people rich.. how about booze, and nutrasweet… there are so many things that are killing people but are still considered “legal for sale’. lets get the real crap off the street and leave “natural” alone.

  Josh Davenport wrote @

I don’t sell anything that isn’t NATURAL and dont believe in product’s that do. Check OUT MY BLOG’S at

  David wrote @

natural cures all the way!!!

  PatriotOne wrote @

Where was the Sheriff?
It is time we start publically exposing the role of the office of Sheriff. And demand your County Sheriff perform it’s constitutional duties as defender of the People.
Your Sheriff is elected by the People.

  Ken F. wrote @

They already have been killing us slowly. You mention FDA and USDA, as far as I know they are different departments. I use organic which is certified by USDA and have done plenty of research on USDA so far they have been pretty viable. One thing you need to be worried about is the food we feed us is slowly killing us. You think the conventional fruits and vegetables are good for you, think again. Those foods are covered with pesticides and the soil itself gets damaged with these chemicals, which means you are not getting much nutrients at all when you eat these. I suggest to look at the ingredients on the boxes of the food you eat, I can show you that about 95% of the food you get from the store can cause some type of disease or cancer. The big farms have taken over just as these pharmacutical companies. If you shop at these stores or go out to eat you might as well go under the kitchen cabinet take out a shot glass and some kind of cleaner. Buy organic and non refined foods is not possible for alot of people because of the cost or that they are simply addicted to the taste of good foods. Just remember you have a choice, either way you can only blame yourself for the reason you and your children get sick, diseases or cancers. Good luck :)!!!

  detroit michigan wrote @

[…] search and seizure operation against a nutritional supplement supplier, LG Sciences LLC in a RAID. DetroitRefresh detroit is a part of the Refreshing Cities organization. … and to spread […]

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