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Get it Straight- Homeowners Bill for Anyone BUT!

Per normal, our ‘do-nothing’ representatives have misrepresented things ONE MORE TIME, working on a bill to ‘help homeowners.’ Some MAJOR provisions of the bill were scuttled as ‘too expensive’ or ‘too damaging to the economy’ so let’s take a look and see what they are!

$25 Billion in breaks to home builders and banks. (Whether there is anyone to buy newly built homes or not…)
$ 3 Billion to assist homeowners. (NO! Too EXPENSIVE!!!)

$ 4 Billion for municipalities to buy up and refurbish homes taken away from families and abandoned by the banks that refused to take over the ownership, maintenance and taxes on them, on properties they refused to help families keep, live in and maintain. (NO!!! Too EXPENSIVE!!!)

$ 100 Million to teach families how to argue with obtuse bankers and try to forestall foreclosures or save the loans so they can keep their homes. (NO!!! Too EXPENSIVE!!!)

Along with other rotten-for-the-people provisions, our ‘representatives’ are showing who they ACTUALLY represent.

We are told that, despite the fact that we are bailing out the financial industry with untold billions of dollars, if we give the homeowners a measly pittance to save the few homes that would even qualify under these provisions, then the banks will INCREASE THE INTEREST RATES on us? We GIVE TO THEM, and they TAKE it, and they GIVE NOTHING BACK but more grief.

And our ‘representatives’ want to give the bankers MORE power? What are they, insane?


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