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Vicious Plans of Global Governance: British Intelligence Report


There was a day and time when, seeing something like this, I would have figured the author was a raving lunatic. Then, almost 2 decades ago, I shut off the television and radio. I quit going to the doctor unless I thought I’d die without going. I started to travel, study and do some serious research. I started interviewing people about what they were really thinking, doing, good at, the fruits of their experience. I started to pray. I began THINKING. I read the classics- the REAL classics, not the mind-bent ‘classics.’

The world began to look VERY DIFFERENT from before shutting off those airwaves and taking meds of any kind.

History, philosophy, in fact, the structure and form of thought- that which guided humanity through all kinds of horrors and difficulties, and helped us to develop to a level unimaginable, was all being REWRITTEN. All being defamed. All being discredited, abused, distorted, lied about, and taken away from our educational system and therefore, from our children. Bizarre and very damaging ways of thinking, of solving problems, of facing facts and the future were coming front and center, and all of us had been weaned on them like mother’s milk. We didn’t even know there WAS anything else.

This is a long way of saying that, if you can HEAR this, if you can read this and GET IT, if you and your people can be motivated by this, we as the human race have hope. If we, as the human race cannot, if we are too far gone, then we will BE GONE- exterminated, diseased, starving, poor, all in favor of the very few who have done every conceivable thing to take ownership and control of the entire planet and OWN the few people they permit to remain.

Ron Paul can’t stop this, at least, NOT ALONE.

Take a look at what a British Intelligence officer has disclosed:

“Many people no longer believe that presidents, premier ministers and other “visible” officials rule their countries. Instead, they suspect that the real authority – one that is powerful, unwavering and secret – is concentrated in the hands of others. Like the masons for example. The truly paranoid have devised the so-called “International Conspiracy Theory,” which tells how a handful of wealthy, highly positioned individuals rule the world. This group of decision-makers launches wars, invents deadly diseases and pumps the population full of narcotics, alcohol and pornography to get rid of the world’s dead weight. Consequently, a population of 1 billion select individuals will someday remain. They will freely enjoy the blessings of nature – clean air, freshwater and natural food.

It seems ludicrous, but recently a British intelligence officer from M16 has asserted that this secret international organization does exist in his book, “The Conspirators Hierarchy: The Committee of Three Hundred.”

“During my career as an officer in British intelligence,” Coleman writes, “I received access to strictly confidential documents on numerous occasions. Their contents were unexpectedly straightforward. I learned that there are powers that control the governments of many nations. I was taken aback and decided to inform a world living in ignorance. Imagine a powerful group that doesn’t recognize any national borders that is involved in the financial, insurance, coal-mining, pharmaceutical and oil industries — whose members only answer to the group. This is the ‘Committee of Three Hundred,’ an elite group that has ruled the world from 1897. Its backbone today is the world’s 300 most influential people.”

This man is in a position that I am NOT in, in touch with the classified programs and projects of the ‘elite’ of the world. Is it for real? Like it has been asked many times of the early Christians, would he (they) risk almost certain death and torture to publish, profess and proclaim things that they KNEW to be a lie? Judge that for yourself.

Read on.

“Coleman writes that secret organizations and think tanks work for the Committee of Three Hundred. A list of these institutions follows.

As of 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has consisted of the most influential individuals in the U.S. and Western world, ranging from current and previous presidents to CIA officials. The CFR was established by the American banker J.P. Morgan, and controls the U.S. Federal Reserve system, New York Stock Exchange and leading mass media.

In 1954, the Bilderberg Group held its original conference uniting the American and European elite. (The organization was named after the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands where the meeting took place.)

In 1973, a third influential structure came into being – the Trilateral Commission – consisting of representatives from the U.S., Europe and Japan. The organization’s goal is to “create a mechanism of global planning and long-term repartition of resources.”

Since 1968, the Club of Rome has been one of the most important foreign affairs divisions of the Committee of Three Hundred. The organization unites scholars, globalists, futurists and internationalists of various suites. The organization has its own private intelligence agencies and “borrows” information from Interpol, the FSB and Mossad.

The millionaire executive David Rockefeller controls the activities of these organizations.

A short list of periphery organizations lending assistance to these four intelligence giants are: Round Table, David Millner Group, Order of St John, The German Marshall Fund of the United States, The China Fund, Inc., Fabian Society, Black Nobility, Mont Pelerin Society, Hellfire Club and the Masons.

The mother of all international think thanks and research institutions is the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, which is beginning to help the Stanford Research Institute.

Coleman writes that past and present members of the Committee of Three Hundred include the Queen of England, the Queen of the Netherlands, the Queen of Denmark, European royal families, George Bush, Edward Carter, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Francois Mitterrand, Jean Monet, Ernest Oppenheimer and his heir Henry.

In the mid-1990s, Russia was invited to participate in establishing a single world state.

“Boris Yeltsin adhered to the decrees of the Committee of Three Hundred in an experiment to bind Russia to the will of the ruling elite,” writes Coleman.”

In America, unfortunately, much of this, much of what is known about these people is swept under the rug, information re-written, sugar coated, they are painted as true heroes and romance figures, mysterious, wealthy, odd. The actual activities they engage in and how they use their power, wealth and influence are discussed in only the most proscribed of terms, whereas in other countries MUCH MORE is known, even if the full picture had never been painted.

Much of this information IS out there, for eyes to see who WILL look. Many bright and observant people have been noticing things, picking information apart, seeking for more, comparing notes, and they don’t like what they see.

This is where things get REALLY SCARY.

Coleman describes the new world order as seen by the Committee of Three Hundred.

Leaders: There will be a single world state and monetary system ruled by unelected oligarchs and their royal lineage, who will appoint leaders from their own ranks in a feudal system as existed in the Middle Ages.

Religion: Only one religion will be permitted in the form of a state church. The church has existed secretly since 1920. All Christian churches will be prohibited.

Control: All individuals will have an identification number. The numbers will be entered into a composite file at NATO in Brussels together with details dossiers.

Family: Marriages will be canceled. Children will be taken from their parents at an early age. They will be raised at special institutions like state property. Free sex will be compulsory.

Children: If a woman gets pregnant after having two children, she will be immediately sent for an abortion and sterilization.

Resources: Only members of the Committee of Three Hundred and select individuals will have the right to make use of natural resources. Agriculture will be completely controlled by the Committee of Three Hundred, and food processing will be strictly controlled.

Social Policy: At least 4 billion “useless individuals” will be exterminated by 2050 as a result of territorial wars, organized deadly epidemics, quickly spreading diseases and hunger. Electrical energy, food and water will sufficiently provide for the white population of Western Europe and North America and only later different races. The populations of Canada, Western Europe and the U.S. will decrease more quickly than on other continents until the population reaches the controllable level of 1 billion. Of these individuals, 500 million will be Chinese and Japanese, who will be “chosen” as they have been subject to strict regulations and unquestioningly obeying authorities for centuries.

Much of this has been exposed, by astute experts, from documents available in the proper places. In The War Against Population: The Economics and Ideology of World Population Control, Economist Judith Kasun examined programs, projects, mission statements and ideological principles at the United Nations, and from those documents wrote a scathing expose and critique. No official, no participant, no UN member has denied, debunked, or otherwise refuted a single word she had written so many years ago.

Unfortunately there is much, much more.

Coleman asserts that individuals who are party to the single world state are strenuously brainwashing the population, rewriting history, creating ideal individuals and working to decrease the population.

Profiling is a method developed in 1922 by an order of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The method was based on principles similar to today’s NLP, which helps to influence people’s ideas and decisions. The method was used by Major John Riz, British military specialist, on 80,000 “guinea pigs” from the British Army and prisoners of war, who were subjected to many types of psychological testing. Later, a special brainwashing center for the civil population was established at the University of Sussex. This super-secret organization was called the Institute of Scientific Politics.

The Rockefeller Fund subsidized scholarly work to create an ideal history after the end of World War II, when Anglo-American troops naturally came out the winners.

The Rockefeller Fund is also sponsoring genetic maps of the qualities of the ideal human in closed laboratories on the basis of the genome to grow test-tube geniuses and docile invincible soldiers.

A program regulating the growth of the population was approved at a conference of the world state. Its main goal is to ensure a low birth level in countries outside Western civilization. The program covers 100 countries and utilizes measures such as the forced sterilization of men and women.


By the newest, latest and greatest class of drugs, promoted as ‘sleeping aids’ but are in actuality CHEMICAL HYPNOTICS. Lunesta being the primarily promoted brand of chemical hypnotic, here is their warning statement about this drug (in part)

“A variety of abnormal thinking and behavior changes have been reported to occur in association with the use of sedative/hypnotics. Some of these changes may be characterized by decreased inhibition (e.g., aggressiveness and extroversion that seem out of character), similar to effects produced by alcohol and other CNS depressants. Other reported behavioral changes have included bizarre behavior, agitation, hallucinations, and depersonalization. Amnesia and other neuropsychiatric symptoms may occur unpredictably. In primarily depressed patients, worsening of depression, including suicidal thinking, has been reported in association with the use of sedative/hypnotics.”

America is being chemically hypnotized to do and think whatever the elite WANT them to think, as told through the misleading television, radio and media formats.

The genomics experiments are widely known and despite all outcry by the Church and Christians in general, and by those who understand the dreadful nature of combining animal and human dna (under the auspices of ‘great’ health benefits to humanity) to get ‘super-beings’- controllable soldiers with all the compassion and caring of a vulture, or a snake, experiments and public taxpayer funding are growing at an unbelievable pace. I am working on pages to focus and bring all links and resources available to the topic into one spot, which I will link on this blog as soon as possible.

In Michigan where I live, at the University of Michigan, and entire new set of buildings and laboratories have been constructed for the sole purpose of doing genetics and ‘biological science’ research.

Finally, lets’ end out this article with its final paragraph:

Vladimir Nikiforov, former KGB colonel, senior officer of the First Division of the Fifth Department of the Committee of Foreign Economic Relations, says the Masons have bought everything.

“In the 1980s, I was a supervisor in Southeastern Asia. I worked in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. Of course, I met with my colleagues from intelligence agencies and worked with the states of these nations. And on numerous occasions I was told about the existence of a world state in personal conversations. All presidents resist its dictatorship, but they know that they have long been puppets of this ruling system composing only 2 percent of the world’s population – the richest individuals. I know for sure that the Queen of England and King of Spain and his wife are members. This so-called world state bought everything. They wage wars under the pretense of huge state interests and safety and invent artificial diseases such as the Bird Flu to control people and get rid of human dead weight. As a result, as I’ve been told, this secret world state will create a controllable mass. The center of the organization is in New York on Fifth Avenue in a large temple not far from where the twin towers were destroyed in 2001. They meet there from time to time.”

The book here cited is “The Conspirators Hierarchy: The Committee of Three Hundred.” By British Intelligence Officer John Coleman.

Strange how this hasn’t been ALL OVER THE NEWS… right?



  Robert Francis wrote @

It is not surprising at all. Coleman combines good chicken feed with pure spoof, to throw everybody off the scent where the real power lies.

  Margaret wrote @

Robert- this is a very interesting, but leading, comment. Are you saying that Coleman himself is a sock puppet for the global interests? Everything I can find from experts that I admire and trust actually lead to very similar conclusions though perhaps without the ‘conspiracy theory’ focus. Who do you say has the ‘real power’ and is there any reason that both can’t be right? That there may be two ‘powers’ vying for global domination, whose power struggle is taking the planet down into the very maws of hell? What do YOU say?

  Renee wrote @

Robert is right. Information must be verified. Look how they allowed the, “conspiracy theorists” to run with the millenium bug scare. It turned out to be nothing, and really discredited the people who were promoting/warning about the, “coming disaster”.

  Margaret wrote @

Of course he’s right- and I’m verifying everything I can get my hand on. As Ron Paul said so succinctly “We do not have perfect knowledge” so, since we don’t have the financial resources to investigate everything, the way the rich have the financial resources to hide what they’re doing, mistakes will happen.

On the other hand, we can see, from their OWN WORDS, their OWN PRESS RELEASES, their OWN televised interviews, that these things are not far off, and not a matter of ‘opinion.’

Whether we agree or disagree with what they are doing, they are doing some DREADFUL THINGS.

It is probably too late to change anything. They are much too good at ignoring the American people, at misleading them, at stupefying them. All the same, sooner or later reality will hit us- whether by an economic collapse which WE must live with, or by Martial Law which will affect our daily lives, or by a global war which will slaughter millions all over the world.

We HAVE to try, don’t we?

  Darrell Kordus wrote @

This is dismal picture, one that only a handful of people could actually comprehend. Divine Revelation from the creator will be guide. The 300 that you refer to could they possibly be the 300 stock holders who own the Federal Reserve? I agree we must try to change the course of time even if it is beyond our capabilities. If you don’t stand for something than you will stand for nothing at all. Ron Paul has sparked a movement that will have to be reckoned with, only a flood could extinguish the fire that has been exposed in the hearts of the American people. Ron Paul is “Hope for America”.
Yes we must try at what ever the price.

  Justin Yanalunas wrote @

As a U of M alum (class of 2003), I must say: great blog….I’ve been awakened to all that has been going on regarding, primarily, the Bilderberg group over the past few months. It has been an enlightening time in my life, to say the least. All my convictions have been flipped completely 180 degrees. I was lead to your page after finding an article on a Russian News site about John Coleman’s book, then googling his name. I’m currently residing in Commerce Twp, MI. I can’t help but think that through this web of lies we are consistently fed, it was fate that I read a blog from someone so passionate about this topic and yet so local. It seems that you are ahead of me in terms of grasping exactly what could be going on. I beg you to email me, perhaps we could exchange ideas and you could share some information with me. Thank you for your blog.

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