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Survival Strategies for Inflationary Depression Pt. 1: Food

Great Depression

Understandably I get lots of emails asking about any ideas I have to survive the impending juggernaut. So many of us are incredibly alarmed at what we see coming and what everyone else seems to be asleep to.

It appears to me that the shadow government, long known about and headed by the Bush I clan, funded by ‘we know who’, has been able to put all the pieces of the puzzle into place. Very shortly America will NOT be the America we inherited, that we have known and loved, have taken for granted.

That said, how people survive the holocaust to come will depend very much on how far these people are willing to take it. All indications are that the ultimate plans are to do a SERIOUS global DEPOPULATION in the end. If that is the case, they won’t care how much suffering they inflict, how much starvation or malnutrition they create, how many people die of what.  We will be faced with two stark choices: cooperate and participate in the electronic currency regime and you will be better off than others (which won’t be saying much); OR refuse and face starvation, homelessness and suffering you’ve never imagined- if not worse, like imprisonment.

In the meantime, some things are prudent to do and prepare with.

Food crises will be terrible. Without those, fascism cannot truly gain control of the people.

Perhaps we have ONE growing season left before these things hit. If we’re lucky, we have two. If God is smiling on us, and we’re doing all we can to get rid of this scourge, maybe more.

Plant root vegetables on every scrap of ground you can find. Carrots, potatoes, beets, rutabagas- anything that grows underground. Why? These can be left in the ground rather than harvested. They can be a ‘secret food storage’ that is available to you even during the harshest of winter months. Any that are missed and left in the ground may begin sprouting new plants and tubers in the spring, giving a surprise food source opportunity later when you may need it the most.

Plant them everywhere there is neglected land, wild and unused places, edges of parks, abandoned lots- everywhere. This should be done ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.

Instead of flowers plant ‘durable’ long-keeping foods like acorn squash. Kept cool in a dirt cellar and monitored for spoilage, squash can last a very long time.

Get field guides for foraging wild foods. Know the difference between edible wild mushrooms and poisonous ones, for example. If possible, seed wild areas for different types of food plants. Memorize these things- if you have to flee, you may not be able to take these guides with you. Such information in your memory will make you a welcome guest in many places!

Develop foraging and food-plant identification skills as part of your personal ‘skill-set’ as this may become a very valuable asset to the communities you belong to, your family and friends who are gathering together trying to help one another survive.

Learn food preservation techniques and try to collect the necessary equipment. Much food that would otherwise be wasted can be saved and even improved by fermentation techniques and this was extremely important to our forebears who didn’t have refrigeration and chemical preserves to add to food.

Store the kinds of things that will HELP you over the long term such as vinegar, salt, cooking oil. Some things last longer when canned than other things do, like spam and other potted meats. These could be a critical protein source in difficult times. Honey is an important ‘dual use’ food- an excellent food, of course, but also useful for injuries and burns- a protectant against infections in skin injuries. Mint is a dual use food- good for stomach ailments, headaches, etc. Cloves and clove oil are natural pain remedies. Buy LOTS of real aspirin- for pain, for circulation, for heart… forget what you’ve been ‘conditioned’ to believe about aspirin. Doctors, pharmacists, chemists of every type say that if they were stranded on a desert island and could have ONLY ONE medication with them, it would be aspirin. The miracle stuff isn’t such a miracle after all.

Learn how to ‘up’ the food value of things whenever possible. For example, storing dried beans is an excellent way of preparing yourself, but in the event that malnutrition or lack of vitamins threatens, sprouting those beans in jars gives you a living food source rich in vitamin c and other critical nutrients for survival and health.

Learn to capture, clean and cook wild foods. Fish, squirrels, rabbits- there are people who’ve never even tried to eat venison! Equip yourself at least for trapping wild food sources, if not for hunting them down. If you can’t do that, learn to prepare and cook them.

If you can, start keeping rabbits, chickens, goats- any livestock that could be a food source.

We need to use the time to expand local food sources in a clandestine way- agribusiness and the global bankers are taking ownership of almost all property in the United States for their own purposes. So, plant those grape seeds all over the place to grow grape vines- not only good food but easily turned into vinegar or even wine.

Wherever possible, find old fashioned cookbooks or farm management information; learn the how-tos of doing things from scratch. Did you know that soap is made from lye? Did you know that you get lye by saving fire ashes and running water through them? Did you know that by cooking lye with oil you get soap? Learn these basic survival skills- even old army manuals or boy scout books have LOADS of such information in them. Ask your parents or grandparents about what they remember about surviving the first depression, about managing a farm, making things from scratch, preserving foods.

Very useful food related equipment- gather whatever you can- mortar and pestle, sieves, crocks for fermenting foods, glass jars for canning and storage. You get the idea. Other critical equipment like hunting/fillet knives, sharpening stones, twine…
One additional suggestion: Begin STRICTLY fasting NOW. Americans don’t know the difference between when their bodies WANT food and when they NEED food to survive. Fasting enables you to get control of your appetites, which are habits of the body and not indicators of NEED. Conquering your appetites now will improve your survival skills later. Conquering your ‘tastes’ is just as important. Can’t eat eggs without salt, pepper, cheese and onions? Better start. Can’t drink coffee without cream and sugar? Do it NOW until you like it or it doesn’t bother you anymore. Don’t like brussel sprouts? Eat them. Eat them raw, eat them plain. Break any addictions you currently have such as nicotine and caffeine. Doing it now while you can control the misery is much better than doing it later when it will just be a long extended suffering.

More on other topics later. If you have some suggestions or pointers, leave them in the comments. We’ll need them all.



[…] Brett wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThey can be a ’secret food storage’ that is available to you even during the harshest of winter months. Any that are missed and left in the ground may begin sprouting new plants and tubers in the spring, giving a surprise food source … […]

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  Dante D. wrote @



  Stacey wrote @

I agree…what jobs are going to help in the long run? I’ve been debating that myself…currently going to college to be a teacher but feel like it might be a waste of time in the coming years.

  Anna Janek wrote @

Stop killing your Dandelions they are wonderful to eat, I eat the lives and the roots .
But it is better if you do not eat the roots so it can keep growing.

Violets – they are eatable , root, leaves and flover.

  David T. wrote @

Yeah, can’t really do much if you live in an apartment.

  Ray DeMuth wrote @

Don’t forget that rich people and soldiers can be a valuable source of calories once you get past the whole taboo about eating people .

  Ray DeMuth wrote @

Bank robbers and other organized crimanals seemed to do pretty good during the last depression.

  Lou wrote @

Obviously, employment in entertainment & nonessential goods is about to fall dramatically.
It stands to reason then, that goods and services that are essential are about to boom:

Law enforcement
Public transport

In reference to increased crime:

People morals alter to accommodate for their survival. Talk to some oldies that survived the last depression and you’ll be shocked. Amateur prostitution, petty crime, con artist and desperate gambling of last resources were common place.

I think we are all in for a bit of a culture shock in our own backyards.

  Margaret wrote @

Yes, I agree with you- I believe we will be horrified with ourselves and all the rest of the people when we see what hunger and homelessness will do to Americans.

Agriculture is NOT about to boom, unless you mean corporate agriculture, and therefore starvation at levels we’ve never seen. As for law enforcement, they have been militarized and are now very dangerous, seeing themselves as enemies of the people. Public transport will only be necessary in an America that is not permitted vehicles to individuals and families. Security and military ditto with law enforcement.

  john wrote @

Bank robbing won’t do you much good if the paper money or the zinc coins you steal are worth nothing, likewise a good job that pays you in dollars that are worthless to you will also be of no good, better learn to barter and farm, things may be very different from what we are used to if the shtf.

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