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There. We’ve Said it. Now SHUT UP, Ron Paulers!

fox faux news

Faux News has, evidently, said that maybe it is time to listen to Ron Paul. If they meant it, it would be ALL OVER the broadcast media, to INFORM THE PUBLIC WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME.


Instead, this is a cynical bone thrown to the Ron Paul people, and it is insulting.

You’re NOT getting your way, Ron Paul people- you r3volutionaries.

Fox News is saying to us: WE are CALLING THE SHOTS, and DON”T YOU FORGET IT, but we HAVE TO MAKE YOU GO AWAY.

So, here’s your stupid bone. We KNOW the mass of voters don’t look at the internet, otherwise Ron Paul would win by a landslide, so we’ve just put this on the internet, and we will ENSURE THE ECONOMY FAILS the way our bosses want anyway.

I say this: if they were SERIOUS about it at all, it would BE ALL OVER the broadcast media that they control. They would be investigating this, helping America REALLY understand what we are up against. They aren’t doing it.

Since it isn’t, it is purely ‘media masturbation for those in opposition.’

Feel better now? I don’t. It just make me MORE angry.

It is an admission on their part, an admission that they actually DO know. Yet, they do NOTHING.

It is still up to us.


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