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Protecting Yourself From RFID: A Strategy

rfid implants

We are reading, all over the place, of the many ways that Verichip and the various governmental and retail bodies are working diligently to bring RFID technology to YOUR arm, wallet, licence, etc. These chips are difficult or impossible to destroy, difficult or impossible to protect, and very soon, difficult or impossible to do business without.

Forcing these on livestock is actually destroying the Amish community’s way of life.

What should we do? Only 4 states have resisted RFID in any way, with the rest falling into line no matter how their citizens feel about this dreadful invasion of privacy.

We must take a NEW look at potential strategies.

I remember how effective North Korea was in gaining the financial support of the West. At the time it seemed bizarre. They refused to permit the west to do their humanitarian ‘thing’ unless they also worked with the N. Korean government. Their people were starving, but the government STILL insisted humanitarians couldn’t help AT ALL unless there was work done with the government.

Yes, it did work. Going from Bill Clinton’s declaration that the N. Korean demilitarized zone was the ‘scariest place on the planet’ to a situation where N. and S. Korea became friends, was a direct result of this strange ‘strategy.’

So, let’s try something just as bizarre with RFID.

My strategy is for everyone to be able to make RFID clones.

If this RFID cloning plan is in the hands of tens of millions of people, and ten percent of them actually make these and begin cloning every RFID chip they can find, perhaps the powers-that-be will FINALLY be convinced that this technology is just as dangerous to our information security as everyone imagines.

Protesting hasn’t worked. Letter writing hasn’t worked. Contacting all of our representatives hasn’t worked.

Time for a new strategy. What do you think of this one?


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