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Get this: GOP Accuses Ron Paul People of Being Dishonest!

dishonest politician

A BIZARRE election year! The GOP, discovering the ENORMOUS number of RP people as delegates in particular states, has accused Ron Paul supporters of dishonesty! That’s like Bill accusing Hill of dishonesty!

It is DISHONEST for the GOP to push through a candidacy that NOBODY wants, that wasn’t WON by a VOTE OF THE PEOPLE in the first place, and then, when REAL Americans decide to take things BACK, accuse THEM of dishonesty.

From top to bottom in BOTH parties, there is so much graft, so much corruption, so much self-seeking, so many greasy palms, that even when the CITIZENS are sick and tired of the games and come in droves to transform it, the crying and whining goes on and on.

I’m wondering when it will turn ‘mean.’

The truth is that there were many more Ron Paul people who wanted to be involved, but the GOP refused to permit them, because their hand-picked selection has already been chosen two years ago. They didn’t want anyone to come in and upset that pathetic rotten-apple cart. The ‘powers-that-be’ were carefully watching everyone for signs of ‘Ron Paul Fever.’ If they thought you had it, you were OUT.

I, of course, was out. At least temporarily!

Fascism MAY still replace Democracy in this country, and soon, but you must understand, GOP, there are LOTS of us that aren’t going to let you take it so easily.

There are LOTS of people who have flushed the chemical hypnotic Lunesta, have turned off your idiot boxes, begun THINKING about what you are doing, and have decided ENOUGH.

Dishonest? You’re the ones who have VIOLATED EVERY OATH you’ve taken to the detriment of our country.

No more. We’re going to be holding your feet to THAT fire.

By the way, God bless you all, GOP’rs. You’ll need it!



  Barry Tipton wrote @


  Darrel D wrote @

We will take our country back from the neocons they are in volation of our laws set by the constitution.Their is only about 4or5in congress that have upheld there oath to the constitution. All the rest have flat out lied about upholding the constitution includeing the President and vice President.

  Carole wrote @

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. …Gandhi

I think they’re getting freaked!

  Supertruth wrote @

They gave us the ground rules. .

  Dean Alan wrote @

This rabbit hole of deceit goes much deeper than you think.
The GOP, like so many power-mongering organizations, seems to have psychologists running their smear campaigns too.

Read the entire study done be Pavlov on dogs. It’s not for the weak stomached. Many of those techniques are used on people today. Also, read Hegel’s dialectic on manipulating masses.

Ghandi was a great man, but they didn’t have tazers and microwave weaponry back then either.

Welcome to a Brave New World, Big Brother will be watching you and making sure you use only Right Speak in all conversations. Just throw another book on the fire and relax while the Family comforts you. Good night Winston.

  juanderlust wrote @

The most encouraging thing to happen in American politics in my lifetime and possibly over a hundred years is this movement, which goes beyond the torchbearer, Ron Paul. It’s great that some headway has been made in the face of these arrogant party chiefs.

  Swansend wrote @

Vive la revolution!
Go Ron Paul!

  gravel kucinich paul nader wrote @

remember perot v NAFTA
gravel kucinich paul nader
+cynthia mckinney
+jesse ventura
dare speak truth
demand peace

no DNC VP clintons
no RNC NEOCON mccain
dynasty OR coronation
BaOb end self censorship


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