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What IS Persistence, Ron Paul’rs?

liberty torch

Seth Godin says: “Persistence is having the same goals over and over again.”

Some goals have their own Spirit, and show up over and over again, almost by themselves.

The Spirit of Liberty is one such Spirit.  She is here and making herself known ONE MORE TIME.

The Spirit of Justice is another such Spirit.  The injustices of our days have CAUGHT HER INTEREST ONE MORE TIME.

The manner in which we achieve our goals is not as important as the goals themselves.

We have the RIGHT to invoke those Spirits, or Angels if you will, and ask their help in achieving what looks impossible.

Everyone who substitutes the Gospel for the drivel coming out of the mainstream media thinks this r3volution is over.

They’re the ONLY ONES that do.

As to the rest of us, true persistence means we will be INVINCIBLE.  That’s it.


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  daddysteve wrote @

The message spreads slowly but SURELY.

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