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GOP Slipping: McCain Will LOSE to Ron Paul

christ lightning

When EVERYONE needs to hold their nose to vote for a candidate, from the delegates to the citizens, things aren’t good! Though McCain’s ‘expertise’ is in the military, even the military doesn’t want him. He’s too volatile to have his hand on the nuclear button.

Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Pro-Lifers, and people of all types who LOVE THEIR LIBERTY have NO HOPE that they will find REPRESENTATION in McCain.

And critical to that issue is the delegates that the GOP CLAIMS are all ‘tied up’ in his favor.

We see the strong-arm battles the Democrats are engaged in to ‘tie up’ the delegates and super-delegates, and there is a REASON.

With the delegates Ron Paul has in the GOP camp, during the strangest political year in 40 years, our dark horse can easily come from behind!

How strange has it been? Ghouliani was ‘struck by lightning’ during his debate and went from ‘annointed front-runner’ to last years diapers. The fall in the stock market hit so hard that Romney had to bail out on his personally financed campaign. Hillary is so hated that even a ‘nowhere man‘ can challenge her!

And they ALL want to escalate the war and drive our country into the kind of bankruptcy that will take centuries to dig out from, without concern of any kind. I am reminded of my political science related to the democrats: all they want is to control the budget/power. AFTER that, they’ll think about the rest.

I predict an enormous shock all through MSM and through the country, that a TRUE CONSERVATIVE that KNOWS ECONOMICS will take the day.

All Ron Paul supporters, even the ones who have been convinced he can’t win- JUST BE READY to vote for your guy.

The strangeness of this political year is ON OUR SIDE. That doesn’t happen often!



  Diane wrote @

No one wants the American dollar anymore. Well, except the Americans. Just keep those printing presses running Benny….

  Diane wrote @

Added for good measure:

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