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No Write In Fiascos! Get it Right Ron Paulers!!!


We have to be sure that EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY to win a Ron Paul Presidency is not wasted, and the games that the electoral committees are playing is criminal and disgraceful.

For a birds eye view of one Ohio voter (and delegate!!) experience, take a look here at ConnieTalk.

Ohio is one of many states PLAYING GAMES with our votes.   I was sent a link to take a look at Ohio’s write in vote policy (which clearly can be subject to change instant by instant) and the torture and dissembling, the shape-shifting gorgon monster, begins right from the first paragraph:

“Write-in votes shall not be counted for any candidate who has not filed a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate pursuant to this section.” [snip] “In addition, candidates for president and vice-president of the United States shall also file with the secretary of state by that sixty-second day a slate of presidential electors sufficient in number to satisfy the requirements of the United States constitution.”

It is necessary for EVERY Ron Paul R3volutionary to be sure that all the qualifications for a write-in have been met well in advance of the coming election.

We STILL haven’t been HEARD.  The PEOPLE still haven’t been heard, because of the entire ironfisted voting and party process.

So, we have to do what we have to do!  Let’s get it RIGHT!

Check out your state policies and leave those links in the comments- perhaps it will help us keep a handle on all these games.


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