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Dr. Death to Put Michigan Out of its Misery?


When we’re sick, depressed, and helpless, we COUNT on our doctors, loved ones and family to help get us through those times, with love and compassion.

Yes, there are illnesses that finally, pain medication doesn’t help but those are RARE.

Yet DOCTOR Kevorkian had no interest in fulfilling the doctor’s role, and instead of being of help and support to those who needed it, decided the best way was to just kill them.

People who were treatable, who could have a quality of life that was worth living, who should have been SAFE with their doctor, are the ones Kevorkian killed. There was no need for it, which is why he was imprisoned. That’s where he should stay.

Jack Kevorkian, too sick to serve his prison time, too mentally sick to serve the constitution, has decided to run for office in Michigan. I take it as a sign of how ill Michigan is, that he could even be considered a candidate.

As desperate as the depressed economic situation is in Michigan, the politicians STILL act as if Michigan was an economic powerhouse and are taking all the money and property they can get their hands on, without regard to the people.  Its hard to imagine anyone doing a worse job.

So, perhaps Michigan will elect “Dr. Death” Kevorkian to put it out of its misery. It probably needs it.



  Diane wrote @

I can just see the campaign signs now–“Dr. Death for Congress!.” Seriously, I didn’t think a convicted (notice I said (CONVICTED) felon could run for public office.

So he’s too old and too sick to serve his cushy prison term…but he’s well enough to handle the responsibility of serving the people of his District? Yep, he fits right in with Michigan’s standards of government.

  Margaret wrote @

Yes! All the candidates are looking for running mates… maybe THAT’S why he threw his hat into the ring.

  Diane wrote @

Who on earth would be self-destructive enough to want Dr. Death for a running mate?

Oops, I forgot, there are actually people voting for McCain…

  Gari wrote @

I have no feeling one way or the other regarding ‘Dr. Death’s’ campaign as I have no idea what his political leanings are. However, objectively, being a Ron Paul / Liberty supporter, what is your problem with Dr. Kevorkian? He didn’t kill anyone. He provided a service to people so they may, of their own choosing, end their lives. Should this not be a right to make your own decisions about your own body / life in a truly free society? Just a thought…

  Margaret wrote @

He DID kill someone, which is why he was in prison. So far, at least in Michigan, the thought police haven’t been able to imprison people for what they THINK.

It was no mere opinion, but an actual crime that put him in prison. He should still be there.

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