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Fascism #3 & 5: In Motown. Coming to a Town Near You!

Not if WE do it!

The People of Michigan have become fed up with increasing taxes, increasing State budget, increasing control by the government, all the while our friends and families are being driven out of the state to survive.

We’ve been slammed by a horrendous amount of unemployment, are facing our politicians giving away the fresh water in the State, and are being bankrupted by out of control spending.

Therefore, the people have launched a recall drive.

Read the harrassment as described in an email to me:

“The battle to recall House Speaker Andy Dillon in suburban Wayne County has escalated substantially this week. Dillon is now employing an army of full-time ‘blockers’ to surround, harass and depress citizens who are gathering signatures for Dillon’s recall election.

Example: yesterday, a signature gatherer arrived at the Redford Township post office. Within TEN MINUTES the petitioner was surrounded by four blockers who put themselves between potential signers and handed out flyers that lie about the recall effort. These blockers also went into the post office and lied to the manager – saying that they were “harassed” by the petitioner. Within half an hour of the petition gatherer arriving at the post office, FOUR post office police officers (is that what they are called?) showed up and insisted that both the petitioner and the blockers leave. They did.

Even worse, when a different petitioner went to a Redford Township CVS drugstore and stood outside gathering signatures, EIGHT blockers surrounded him within TEN MINUTES! Unable to negotiate through the army of Dillon’s thugs to reach potential signers, the petitioner left.

Intimidation appears to be Dillon’s weapon of choice to fight the recall petitioners. Not only does Redford Township Supervisor Miles Handy send police squad cars to confront petitioner and recall organizer Rose Bogaert at the post office, but a black Jeep maintains a vigilant watch on her home. When not at Rose’s house, this same black Jeep stalks Pauline (our volunteer organizer) everywhere she goes.

The last I heard, stalking is ILLEGAL.

It is fascist to create a THUG CLASS, used to harrass law abiding citizens that are exercising their rights.

Not only is it time to recall this ‘politician’, it is also time to ARREST HIM for illegal use of taxpayer funds! It is ALSO TIME to EDUCATE THE POLICE as to Citizens’ RIGHTS are. They are obligated to uphold our rights. This is intolerable in a Constitutional society.

Guess he’s taking lessons from another corrupt official.



  Dave wrote @

People should really sign up on the MTA website. We will need all the help we can get to out do the powers that be.. but won’t be for long!
If they send 5 people.. we need 20!

These crooks need to be reminded that WE THE PEOPLE are who THEY work for!

  Aint Scared wrote @

Intimidation is a tactic of the weak. They resort to it when there is no other option. Intimidation doesn’t work with us. This is MICHIGAN, where the weak are killed and eaten!!

  face value wrote @

This is just another I own the world act put on by Redford Twp. Investigate this twp. find out prove it, still nothing happens. They make their own laws. Dillon now extends the alter ego of the face of the crooked politicians into the body of the state of MI.look at the taxes in this twp, and the very over assest value.Houses are being forclosed on simply because the taxes are to high, then the city buys them for a dollar, hhmm section 8 gauranteed money! State Funds tax payers dollars hmmm. TAX EM TAKE IT MAKE IT REVENUES . WHY NOT JUST WRITE MORE TICKETS TO YOUR RESIDENTS AND GET EVERYONE FOR WHAT THEY GOT. Oh yeah Granholm were in debt we cant afford to hold another primary vote .Whos paying ?Another scam.THE STATES GOT MONEY JUST THE REAL WORKERS DONT.DUMP SOME MORE MEDICAL WASTE FROM YOUR HOME TOWN PLEASE.

  Margaret wrote @

Politicians best start noticing how ANGRY the citizens are becoming for being taken for a ride ALL THE TIME. Who can believe all the uncounted thousands of ways these politicians find to screw the people over? Even the worst scam artists haven’t found so many ways to fleece the people as our politicians have!

I foresee a day when ‘tar and feathers’ will become a very popular ‘look’ fashion-wise for the political set.

Perhaps it is time to do some ‘re-thinking’ people?

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