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Stocks UP! Ron Paul Boos!


So the stocks went up today on news that the Federal Reserve is DUMPING another $200 billion into the economy! Good news all around, right? Why would Ron Paul be so negative about this?

Of course the stock market is happy- its ONE MORE OPPORTUNITY to suck money from YOU, get its FULL VALUE, before it increases the prices of everything you want to buy. They get full value, but by the time the money gets to you, through normal economic means, the extra money given will actually DECREASE THE VALUE of the money you just worked your butt off to get!

Of course Ron Paul is negative about this. It is we, the people, who suffer from such obviously evil and deliberate greed. It is us that pay the price as our personal economies get worse and worse.

Just a few days ago, it was reported: “In conjunction with the banking system’s solvency crisis, the market and economic circumstances have the broad financial system facing its greatest risks of instability or outright collapse in modern times…the Federal Reserve will spend every dollar it needs to create in order to prevent the financial system from collapsing. A systemic failure is not an option for the Fed, and any needed bailouts will not be limited to large banks…much of the salvage operation may be covert. Not to do so would promise a deflationary great depression…Unfortunately, however, the eventual result of the great bailout will be a hyperinflationary great depression…” (emphasis added), Alert, March 5, 2008″

Therefore, as mentioned above, much of this was going on covertly; as Ron Paul discusses with Neil Cavuto, other countries were forced to deflate the value of their own currencies to try to keep the playing field ‘level’ and it is altogether just another round in the deliberate project to destroy the American economy.

In the exchange between Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke, the Fed admitted to the uselessness of its ploys, because it simply wasn’t possible to dissimulate when speaking to the Congressman.

GATA hit the nail right on the head when it said that The Fed’s actions were “expropriating savers even more to rescue the banks and financial houses that lately defrauded the world with The Fed’s connivance.” ”

These games are well known to the Federal Reserve, and while it is so easy to claim that Bernanke is simply incompetent, we have to remember that there is SOMEONE, not our government, who is paying his salary. He, like the rest of the sock puppets on display, is doing what HE IS TOLD TO DO.

This, in spite of the fact that these decisions put him, and the Fed, clearly in opposition to what is good for America, for our economy, for the citizens. Only Ron Paul seems to understand this.

These people are clearly on a path to take us DOWN, in a hyper-inflationary depression nightmare with no end in sight.

What Bernanke has done is bought a little ‘time’ for the powers that be to get the rest of their ducks in a row. For us, it would be better that the collapse happened sooner, rather than later, because the LAST THING we want is for all those ducks to actually be in a row!



  gravel kucinich paul nader wrote @

Gravel Kucinich Paul Nader;
dare speak truth,
demand peace.

Honesty compassion intelligence guts –

  Renee wrote @

So which way is it? Is the Fed deliberately bringing about the collapse of the dollar, and our economy, to put an electronic money supply, or amero in place, OR is the Fed in a panic because they have truely lost control of the economy and are trying their best to prop it up? My guess is they are proping it up until after the election and Hillary is elected. If they are losing control, how will they be able to put off the collapse since everything they do (increase debt) makes the problem worse.

  Margaret wrote @

It isn’t a simple matter of ‘on the one hand’ and ‘on the other hand.’ I’m saying that they’ve been playing a VERY RISKY game, which is extremely difficult to control. They have put everything in place, but it proceeds on its own thereafter, and isn’t going to function on an EXACT time scale. Therefore, the economy is doing much worse more quickly than they anticipated. They need 1 to 2 more years to get NAFTA completed with the highway and all. So, they are desperately trying to buy enough time to get everything else in place BEFORE the collapse. If the collapse happens anyway, they will ACTUALLY BE MORE BRUTAL than they otherwise would be, because the people will be much more difficult to control when they are enraged over the collapse of the economy and are starving.

  Renee wrote @

I wonder if the fact that people are actually beginning to talk about monetary policy, and that the finger of blame is now (occasionally) being pointed at the Fed, if this has affected wall street’s and people’s confidence in the markets, and thus will bring about the decline that much sooner.

  Margaret wrote @

Yes, it could be, especially since all the MSM has been working diligently to put a good face on things, ‘could be’ entering a recession, ‘short-term recession back up in months,’ etc. The performance of the stock market now is very tied to world events in a way it never used to be, because all of the investment in America is foreign now. Therefore the stock market reacts to things that have nothing to do with Fed policy and the MSM can’t fight that- investors ‘know too much.’ The Fed has been made to look extremely bad, both by Ron Paul who has been proven correct at every turn, but also by the overseas shenanigans of Greenspan, telling Arabs, the Chinese and others to GET OUT OF THE DOLLAR. Its too bad that our journalists are hiding all this from the public!

  Renee wrote @

I had not heard that Greenspan was telling Arab nations and the Chinese to get out of the dollar. Why would he do that, and who is buying our debt then? Where would they go? To another fiat currencty that is not being inflated as quickly?

  daddysteve wrote @

If I can thank Ron Paul for nothing else, he did give me the impetus to educate myself on basic monetary policy among other things. Of course, I can’t thank him for helping me sleep better at night.

  Margaret wrote @

Why would he do that? Because he NEVER WAS working for America. His salary was paid by his ‘global bankers’ bosses. His recommendation, which they are acting on, is to develop their own regional currency, which his bosses will invest in. The fact that this will also make our own currency completely worthless, PLUS they will (especially China) own almost every American asset, will put us in a catastrophic position which America will never arise from.

  Diane wrote @

Did this reporter even comprehend what Dr. Paul was talking about? Instead of commenting or asking questions, he replies with the standard idiotic “I don’t know what you’re talking about so I’ll change the subject” question, “Are you still in the race for President?” Ron Paul is such an economic genius that even when he puts it in layman’s terms, they STILL don’t get it. The U.S. and non U.S media everywhere confirms, but how many readers will connect the dots?

  Miguel Salazar wrote @

Great post.

Personally, I’m betting big in the solar sector. I believe it will be huge in the future, with rising oil prices.

I’m currently holding ESLR, JASO, SOLF and WFR, and considering entering in either ASTI or DSTI.

Stay safe, stops are in, emotions are out!

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