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Ron Paul & Stone Soup

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The Crown thought the Revolutionaries were a rag-tag bunch, easily persuaded to the monarchy and its interests. They were right, as the vast majority of the ‘settlers’ didn’t want war, didn’t want strife, wanted to stay home and not be bothered.

It was a minority of committed individuals that had HAD ENOUGH that did all the dirty work necessary to accomplish the impossible, and they paid a heavy price for it too.

You may remember the story about Stone Soup. Ron Paul was brought to us like that soldier, without much to offer but his brains, his experience, his wisdom- in short, his magic stone.

And like the villagers, we each brought our own little piece, or as Ron Paul says, ‘anything we wanted to.’

The ones unwilling to bring their little part also didn’t eat!

So we continue to bring our little parts- our little causes (pro-life, anti-war, anti-tax, etc) and we bring along our people. We do all we can in our own sphere of influence, we bring along EVERY SINGLE SOUL we can.

We all will eat well, but be advised that none of the powers-that-be want us to be making our own soup, we’re MUCH EASIER TO CONTROL if we’re STARVING!

If it isn’t clear by now, it ought to be. They’re not going to give us back our country or our Constitution WITHOUT A FIGHT.

The MSM is so corrupted,and so corrupting, that it can only be considered an ENEMY of the people.

Our pals in New Hampshire, chasing down the freak of nature that is Sean Hannity, had it right.

Don’t make it easy on these freaks. They won’t make it easy on us!

We NEED write-in campaigns. We need lists of politicians that are genuinely committed to the Constitution. We need business people, professionals, workers, the poor. We need the Christians, the pro-lifers, the Libertarians.

We’re going to have to do this the HARD WAY, and we know it. Too bad we’ve been so conditioned to be fat, sloppy, greedy and lazy!

Time for discipline, time for commitment!

Time to make stone soup, since stones are all the powers-that-be are going to give us!

By the way- General Patton made military use of ‘Rock Soup’ as wikipedia says here:

U.S. Army General George S. Patton, Jr. referred to the “rock soup method” of acquiring resources for attacks in the face of official disapproval by his superiors for offensive operations. In the military context, he sent units forward ostensibly on reconnaissance missions, to later reinforce them when resistance was met and eventually turned small scale probes into all out attacks; he notably did this during the Battle of Sicily in the advance on Palermo and again in the campaign in northwest Europe, notably near Metz when his 3rd US Army was officially halted during Operation Market Garden.

Sticking with what works… that’s an effective and powerful strategy!



  Ron Paul & Stone Soup wrote @

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  Jesus 4 King wrote @

The r3VOLution will march on! Thanks for the great post!

  daddysteve wrote @

Exactly right ! The more people exposed to the message, the less there are to dismiss the ideas without having actually researched them.

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