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Ron Paul is STILL Going to Win! Its the Economy, Stupid!

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Over and over we’ve been lied to by the mainstream media, and you’d think we’d be used to it by now!

Ron Paul is STILL going to win for some VERY GOOD REASONS.

Its the economy, stupid!

Conservatives DESPISE John McCain- they’ve abandoned him and the party in droves. He IS INCOMPETENT in the economic matters that are taking our country down, and he is all too willing to hand over ‘control’ of these things to the ones that are destroying us already.

The democratic ticket is an absolute nightmare of lies, hypocrisy and the kind of spending that all the economies in the world together couldn’t afford. Dumping more worthless money in vast amounts into a dying economy will only worsen matters, but they won’t own up to their own responsbilities in this.

Anti-war people will FINALLY understand that the solutions offered by any of these self-serving candidates can only get more young Americans killed, drive us into the kind of bankruptcy that there will NEVER be a recovery from, and push us into the type of foreign ownership that will turn us all into Chinese slaves.

Hypocrisy is perhaps the worst plague modern society has EVER seen, leading to everything from eugenics and abortion to total corruption in Washington DC and the governments in state after state, municipality after municipality.

When will our ‘representatives’ hear the people SCREAM ‘ENOUGH!’


Only Ron Paul knows what he’s doing!

It is only a matter of time before that much is obvious, even to the most mania-blathering Obama idolizer.

Truth will out. It always does. So will the treason, with honest inquiry.

Too bad for Ron Paul that the problems these idiots are leaving him are so horrible.

I look forward to the day when our Strict Constitutionalist has the Justice Department say to the rest of the politicians “You have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to remain silent.”


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