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Playing Games: Ron Paul Revolution Not Over Yet

bush peso

No, despite news reports to the contrary, the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign isn’t over yet, and here’s why.

Despite the fact that ALL the Presidential Campaigns are winding down, Ron Paul’s has been SINGLED OUT to make it look like he’s throwing in the towel, something the MSM has tried over and over to do, and every time, r3volutionaries just keep on coming.

They have done this to discourage everyone AGAIN.

This is the strangest political year I’ve ever seen. Hidden things are suddenly coming to light, like crocuses peeking out first thing in the spring. All of those things that are hidden now will be FRONT AND CENTER before November. Some of these things will change the way the world has worked for 50 years, and we aren’t going to like what we see.

Ron Paul could still win in a write-in vote drive. In a rebellion of republicans who despise McCain- there are many of those.

Ron Paul may be DRAFTED by the people to serve in the event of an economic collapse, of which we are in great danger and which no other Candidate knows anything about.

He may be DRAFTED by the people to intercede and intervene in the event martial law is declared.

Right now there are so many people earning their living from what the government does, bureaucrats, contractors, etc., that they won’t want ANY CHANGE. They’ll do everything in the power of the MSM to convince regular working folks to keep things the same.

But, this is the year. It won’t work much longer.

So, Ron Paul is right- we all have to roll up our sleeves and keep on working on this r3volution.

We have no idea what inner rottenness will be exposed this year in the parties, but we know that there will be something.

Work now, work for the future.



  Christopher wrote @

Ron Paul, because he knew deep down he had no hope of being elected, was free to say the sort of things which he wouldn’t have said, had he been a mainstream candidate.

If nothing else he made people think, and hopefully he still will, as a Congressman.

[…] Justin wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptbush peso. No, despite news reports to the contrary, the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign isn’t over yet, and here’s why. Despite the fact that ALL the Presidential Campaigns are winding down, Ron Paul’s has been SINGLED OUT to make it … […]

  Sam wrote @

I think Ron Paul just said what he has been saying for the last 30 years. It isn’t in his character to change it for any reason other than principal. He is a real man and tells the truth even when it isn’t easy.

  Joseph McElheny wrote @

Ron Paul Rules!

  Barry Tipton wrote @

Ron Paul has had the same story for years…because it’s the truth.

He’s far above being disingenuous. I saw a blog where an Iranian said “Dr. Paul is too honest for American politics”

PLEASE……the best tool for recruiting new revolutionaries is the latest issue of Republic Magazine, re: “The IRS Tax Scam”.

I ordered 100 to distribute to the ignorant masses, and it works almost 100% of the time.

Go to, order some and hand them out ASAP.

if you don’t believe that the IRS and Fed.Res. is a scam, you might be in the wrong revolution.

  Darrel D wrote @

If every one who ever said Ron Paul does not have a chance to win the presidency would have the guts to vote for him he would win by a landslide.Keep the Revoluation going it is not over by a long Shot.

  LibertyNH wrote @

reply to Christopher above, who stated that Ron Paul spoke of the real issues because he was not a “mainstream” candidate, if Christopher and others like him would pull their head out of their rear-ends for 5 min (maybe do a little research instead of letting the TV spoon-feed them bs) they would notice that Ron Paul says the same thing he’s been saying for 30 years since he got into politics. Ron Paul doesn’t need or want advisors to tell him what to say, he says it like is and follows his words with actions, the rest of the candidates just spew whatever BS their advisors think will get them the most votes, then they do whatever they want once they’re in office. Until people like Christopher learn how to think for themselves and more carefully scrutinize those they cast their votes for we will continue to have more of the same until our ultimate economic collapse (which shouldn’t be far off at this point by the look of things). In the end, Americans get the government they deserve, and until more people are ready to embrace Pauls message of freedom and common sense (and follow our own law of the land: the constitution) they will continue to have a government that lies to them, cheats them out of their constitutional rights and robs them blind (then sends them the bill for the holdup)… enjoy America!

  Tim wrote @

msnbc And Tucker are still reporting ron has dropped out.We need new media owners.

  Dreamwhileyousleep wrote @

Third party run is out but the write-in vote could be huge if enough people can wake up! Absentee ballots are about the only safe way to vote these days.

  taylor quigly wrote @

Ron Paul for the Long Haul !!!

  Ron Holland wrote @

FreedomFest 2008 – Congressman Ron Paul and Bob Barr have been confirmed as a speakers and they will join our 100 plus speakers and 1,000 plus attendees in Las Vegas on July 10 -12 at Freedomfest 2008. We look forward to their thoughts and insight on the future of the Ron Paul Revolution and his Campaign For Freedom.

Also we will also have Richard Viguerie, often called the “funding father” of modern conservative strategy as his direct mail efforts started the modern conservative movement. 2008 will be a watershed year in American politics in our fight for a return to liberty and limited constitutional government. We must continue the campaign to promote the Ron Paul Revolution of liberty, a return to limited constitutional government and free markets to the American public.
Ron Holland, Wolf Laurel, NC

  warispeace wrote @

We must find out what the requirements are in each state to have write-in votes counted. And absolutely VOTE BY ABSENTEE BALLOT! If Ron Paul will not be on the ballot, this is the only viable option. It is the only honorable thing to do. A vote for anyone other than Ron Paul is a vote for the end of America. Let’s not let this opportunity slip away, my friends. The whole world is counting on us, and we must not let them down.

Ron Paul is the best presidential candidate this country has ever seen. We must give him the chance to be the best President we’ve ever had. The future of our country and the world depends upon it. Surrender is not an option. Ron Paul FTW!!!

  warispeace wrote @

This is how a write-in campaign could work: Let’s say there are 1 million hard core supporters of Dr. Paul right now. Each of us must educate at least 10 others and convince them that a vote for Ron Paul is the only way to save our country. Then we must encourage them to educate at least 10 more. That would be 111,000,000. Enough to win. We can win this thing, and we must. If we don’t succeed, the whole world is f@*#ed. We have almost 8 months to accomplish this, and we must.

It’s Ron Paul or bust. Literally.

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