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Imprisoned by Health- Big Pharma HATES Ron Paul


Power grabs and big cash go hand in hand, and Big Pharma, who has succeeded in stealing the alternative health care industry, vitamins, homeopathy and all, has decided to support the brain dead democrats for the presidency.

It is meaningless to them that we’ve had a do-nothing Congress for decades now- all they care to have done is what HAS been done. Turn over our health, and our physical frailties, to big corporations.

Billary was one of their best friends from the start. With the institution of HMOs and PPOs, the health care industry was able to dig its claws in one of the most necessary markets of humanity.

Ron Paul, being a doctor, has first hand experience with the damage big corporations have had on our medical system, watching as the greed set in so deeply that people are even dying so that profits aren’t spent on them.

The greed of medical insurers, medical equipment companies and pharmaceuticals has given rise to the Nazi concept of eugenics, killing those who are deemed to have a ‘poor quality of life.’ Why? It certainly isn’t up to the people whether the quality of their lives is sufficient to continue. It is that profits are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than anyone money can be spent on.

Our current miserable roster of greasy palmed politicians think that’s just as it should be. Too bad they’ve all forgotten how expendible their people have been- whether black, female or POWs.

How quickly one can forget when its YOU the corporations want to buy off.



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  taylor quigly wrote @

“Too bad [politicians have] all forgotten how expendible their people have been …”
And they’ve forgotten how expendible They are themselves. Corruption eats away at a person’s body and soul.

Ron Paul for the Long Haul !!

(warning: websearch Codex Alimentarius – it’s coming unless we demand it be stopped. Only Ron Paul is talking about Codex – he’s the ONLY candidate who has a clue about freedom to make decisions about personal health)


[…] Imprisoned by Health- Big Pharma HATES Ron Paul […]

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