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Political Foot Dragging: Inexcusable Voter Fraud

 absolut corruption

Our ‘representatives’ are being ‘encouraged’ to pass some legislation to counter continuous and known voter fraud issues, prior to the November elections.

This disgraceful situation is part of the reason that the current crop of corrupted politicians are the only ones with Party nominations- the people are NOT represented and have not, as yet, EVEN HAD AN OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

There have been FOUR YEARS for our representatives to deal with this issue, and the demand for the solution has been continuous and unrelenting from the people.

The “let’s reform this but not yet” attitude of the parties is simply further proof that they have both outlived their usefulness to American citizens.

In the meantime, this graft and self-service of the politicians and special interests have driven our economy into a free fall, expanded an illegal war, gutted our rights, declared a civil war against the American people through the Homeland Security Department, and abandoned any responsibility to us, the citizens.

Rather than the politicians and bureaucrats, special interests and corporate puppet-masters being tracked and monitored, they have decided Americans must be the ones to have it done to them.

We’re just not taking it anymore.  We’ve had ENOUGH.


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