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If Sharks Won’t Listen to Ron Paul, Try Sharks!


Homeowners, desperate to get the ‘powers that be’ to listen and get REASONABLE, have simply been ignored.
We saw this when we were trying to work with banks and the federal laws that REQUIRED them to work with women, minorities and small business owners.

When we tried to get banks to fulfill their Community Reinvestment Act obligations, we got nothing but stonewalled. We actually had to contact the government to force their cooperation. Mind you, we weren’t asking much- the banks spent more on giveaway golf tees in a year than we were asking for all of our micro-enterprise clients. At the time, the banks we were working with happened to be in the middle of a HUGE merger, which the government suspended until they dealt with us. Therefore, we got their attention. Even with that, their response was so pathetic it was barely worth all the effort. They finally did find a loophole, and began their own ‘bank sponsored community reinvestment projects’ hand picked for their buddies and rich friends that wanted another handout at the expense of the poor working class. In this way they were able to get around the legal requirements and the CRA has been almost useless to anyone ever since.

Remember that- it is VERY important!

Recently some community activists have decided that the utter disinterest of the mortgage companies, refusing to work with homeowners or communities, needs to be challenged and they have done just that. These mortgage lenders have been SHARKS, destroying communities, destroying families, destroying years of hard work and investment by average middle class families. Yet they have all the emotion you would expect from a shark about the damage they are causing.

So, rage ensued, and these activists have been covering mortgage lenders, banks, and offices with plastic sharks!

Seems, at least for now, that it is working a little. The mortgage sharks (Countrywide et al) are complaining about the tactics, and they’ll never shut up about that, but desperate people need to be HEARD.

But the moment the mortgage companies can find a loophole, they’ll defang the protestors and ignore them all over again. At least, so far, its working a little bit.

I suggest we ALL invest in some plastic sharks and make GOOD USE OF THEM.

If the government, and our representatives, and our media won’t listen to Ron Paul, they’d better know that WE ARE. We surely won’t miss Simon Legree when he’s finally gone, will we?



  If Sharks Won’t Listen to Ron Paul, Try Sharks! wrote @

[…] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptIf the government, and our representatives, and our media won’t listen to Ron Paul, they’d better know that WE ARE. We surely won’t miss Simon Legree when he’s finally gone, will we? […]

  Gordon Moss wrote @

Great idea. I love the shark thing.

I founded an organization called the Pineapple Jumping Institute and ran into the same problems trying to get funding for it as well, so I could keep it separate.

Fortunately, they did not want to work with us, so I used my own money – and we’re now expanding world wide. The problem was one of the girls talked to them and they blew her off.

I’m the other – wealthy. Yet, they would not work with her for whatever reason. Now, you can jump a pineapple in seven different countries: US, Canada, Finland, Sweden, UK, Mexico, and, of course, Japan.

All of these politicians suck, I vote for Ron Paul.

Gordon Moss

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