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Americans are SICK of WAR! De-stress AND Protest Cheney Planet!

dick cheney death

We’re sick of the war. We’re sick of the lies. We’re sick of being ‘terrorized’ by cave- and mud- hut dwelling dictators and petty minions who we have convinced that we hate them.

We’re sick of wasting our hard-earned money making the military/industrial/oil complex RICH beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

We’re sick of being treated like criminals in our own country.

Time to destress AND protest this illegal war and the greedy, corrupt power-brokers that promote endless war for a century or more to come.

Join everyone else, take the day off March 19 in honor of the date we inflicted this war on innocent people!

We MUST start making ourselves VERY CLEAR, or we’ll be paying far more than a days pay!


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