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Too Bad, Obama, You WERE Looking Like a Candidate!

barack obama

Worse than a flip-flop, Obama has declared he ‘regrets’ supporting Terri Schiavo’s RIGHT to live.

That woman had a CONSTITUTIONAL right to her life. There was NO EVIDENCE that she ever said she wanted to die if she was ‘in that condition.’

I’ve worked extensively with women who were battered and abused with some very dreadful results. The ONLY people who are willing to treat women that badly are men who don’t love, have NO compassion whatsoever. I’ve known women who were brilliant-and then destroyed; one an engineer, in the middle of complex and intricate naval projects who was fine one moment, and mentally severely disabled the next, because of a battering male. One ‘lucky’ hit and it was over for her and the quality of her life, forever. It has happened to many more, Terri Schiavo being only one of those.

Between this engineer and Terri there were a couple other differences. Terri had family who LOVED her. This engineer did not. Terri couldn’t get herself up out of bed and walk and speak, however badly. This engineer could, very badly.

The man who battered the engineer spent some time in jail. Not a lot, but it was something. Not Terri’s ‘husband.’ He got her money. He had a family on the side. He found her to be a ‘drag’ on his ‘new life.’

There is one other big difference- nobody cared if this engineer lived or died, so she lived. Nobody besides her batterer wanted her dead, and so she lived.

Terri, however, became the clarion call for all those who can’t love, who can’t sacrifice for love, who don’t want to be bothered, and call it ‘rights’.

When animals are penned up in a cage too small, or fed too little, we have animal rights activists all over people. When the Amish raise puppies for resale, to help themselves earn a living, they are faced with red-faced screaming crowds and signs proclaiming them to be a ‘puppy mill.’

Terri died one of the most horrible, torturous deaths a human being CAN die. People go to prison for withholding water or food from an animal, but she was made to go for 14 days without any.

YOU try going 3 days without water and you’ll see what kind of torture it quickly becomes.

Brute and vicious animals are put down more humanely than she was.

And now Obama REGRETS his compassion? His advocacy for Terri’s CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to life? Her parent’s CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT AND SCRIPTURAL OBLIGATION to care for the sick and dying?

Well, women’s advocacy groups and politicians- all I can say is- when will you begin to advocate for our RIGHTS under the Constitution?

You don’t advocate for me. You traded the ‘right to choose’ of a Laci Peterson for your agenda to NEVER have an unborn child be considered a person by law.  You advocated for her ‘batterer/murderer’ and her son’s ‘batterer/murderer’ just so the child couldn’t be considered a person, with rights, by law.

You traded the rights of Terri Schiavo, in favor of her ‘batterer/murderer’ for your agenda to never be bothered with caretaking in any form.  So also, Mr. Presidential Candidate, have you.

You ARE death dealers.  It seems to me, ‘women’s advocates’ who have exterminated your own children, that there will be a day when you are old, and alone, and someone will think you’re too much a burden on society.  You, too, perhaps, will be denied water and food, whether you ‘choose it’ or not.  You’ve made euthanasia all too normal now- won’t it be an extreme act of hypocrisy for you to object, one day, when someone else complains you’re too much hassle and should be ‘euthanized.’  Our candidates are all going along with this monstrous, Nazi, agenda.

You, Obama, are no longer a viable candidate for many, many of us.



  John wrote @

Hey, idiot, he never wanted the decision to reach Congress. This regret isn’t over a position.

  Margaret wrote @

John, you are mistaken. I quote: During an April 2007 debate, Obama said, “I think professionally the biggest mistake that I made was when I first arrived in the Senate. There was a debate about Terri Schiavo, and a lot of us, including me, left the Senate with a bill that allowed Congress to intrude where it shouldn’t have.”

“And I think I should have stayed in the Senate and fought more for making sure [Terri’s parents couldn’t take their case to federal court to save her life],” he explained.”

  Rich B wrote @

Sorry Margaret, from what I can tell those quotes back up exactly what John said. Obama regrets the intrusion of Congress into what should have been a private matter. You’ve missed the point.

  Margaret wrote @

I see what you mean- That’s one of the difficulties of not reproducing the entire piece here. You will, hopefully, click through and read the entire thing and you’ll see why I take my position. He said that supporting Terri was his BIGGEST MISTAKE. That means to me that he has never made a bigger mistake in his life. Since those are HIS words, not mine, I hold my ground. Please take a moment and read the entire linked article. I think you’ll see that I’m not mistaken and why I cannot change my position or vote for Barak Obama.

  salinaspaul wrote @

The government is charged with the duty to protect the inalienable rights to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The government failed to preserve Terri’s right to life.

  A Voice of Sanity wrote @

You traded the ‘right to choose’ of a Laci Peterson for your agenda to NEVER have an unborn child be considered a person by law. You advocated for her ‘batterer/murderer’ and her son’s ‘batterer/murderer’ just so the child couldn’t be considered a person, with rights, by law.

Nope. Laci and Conner were killed by a crazy woman who wanted Laci’s baby. Scott Peterson had no involvement in that at all.

There are plenty of murderers of pregnant women to choose from, like Bobby Cutts or Gilbert Cano. Scott Peterson is not one of them.

  Margaret wrote @

An interesting comment, and still it is beside the point. The point is that women’s advocates are NOT advocating for women in life and death situations. NOW made it clear that they were more concerned that Connor NEVER be considered a person by the court, because that would set a precedent that the unborn are PEOPLE with RIGHTS. They can’t have it both ways- a person IF the mother chooses it, except when it conflicts with what the advocates want. They make a similarly stupid argument re: China’s one child policy- FORGET the mother’s choice, just guarantee that abortion will occur. Those statements made by NOW were BEFORE the case had even gone to trial, making clear that no matter the outcome of the trial, they were on the side of the murderer(s) whomever they were. THAT is the issue. The fact that it was a woman who killed Laci and Connor, because she wanted Connor, makes the whole thing even more pathetic relative to the early and vocal position NOW took. They are a disgrace to humanity and an enemy to self-respecting women everywhere.

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