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REAL ID Gets Creative in the Cyborg Lab!

borg seven of nine

Electronic tattoos are in the mind of creative science types, meaning an entire device, implanted under the skin, powered by your very own blood!

Forget about the rice sized radio chips implanted under your skin! How about a cell phone, computer, gps monitor, television? Bluetooth can connect you, then, with all kinds of other devices as yet to be dreamed up, mind-reading devices, house control devices, driving devices- who knows?

There can’t be a doubt that this is within the realm of the possible, if not soon, then certainly down the road. The advancements in tech are so fast, and so useful to business and government, that I can’t imagine that these potentialities will be ignored.

Can you imagine what the advertising industry will do once you have a communications pad tattooed in your arm? A 24 hour a day barrage of advertising holograms….

Well, we had Frankenstein which didn’t stop animal/human hybrid experiments that are going strong.

We had the Borg, the greatest enemy humanity faced in Star Trek Next Generation, which isn’t stopping the cyborg industry.

Science fiction was right, about some things at least. I hope the dark side of the story was just that- a fiction.


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