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Morality Plays: Only Ron Paul Makes Sense

Eros & Psyche

Since the culture wars have clearly been lost, or at best, a draw, it is time to seriously consider what can be and should be accomplished were we to actually follow the LAW of our Constitution. Only Ron Paul comes anywhere close to being consistent and reliable in a sensible manner.

In the case of Abortion, being a doctor, he is very clear that it is, indeed, an innocent human life that is being taken, and not as a statement of ANYTHING but scientific fact. No pro-choice person can deny the scientific fact that it is a human being.

But we all lose when the Constitution has been thrown out with the bathwater, and we end up with what we have now- power struggles back and forth and high-stakes demands for supreme court justices on both sides.

Our Constitution guarantees a RIGHT TO LIFE. The right to live. Even the government cannot, like China, come in and force abortions on anyone. Why? Because it is a public health issue? NO. It is because it is the taking of a human life, a citizen of the United States, and therefore, the government CANNOT LEGALLY FORCE AN ABORTION ON ANYONE.

The Federal government needs to return to, and uphold, its foundational laws, and then things can at least begin to make sense once again.

If the federal government gets OUT of that business of bickering about abortion, and stays true to the Constitution, then if there is any additional bickering to do about it, it will be done at the State level. The Supreme Court would not be able to uphold the right to an abortion that is illegal under the Constitution, and so the laws pertaining to it would need to be resolved before it ever came to the Supreme Court.

Other matters related to this issue, nuances of the law, can be worked out very effectively on a state by state basis, and therefore would be actually more representative of the community of people that create State governance.

It is the only sensible approach to the problem. The Federal Government is bound to the rights and obligations laid out in the Constitution and is properly guided when it sticks to those issues.

Our representatives would be spared the continual political stress of activists on either side, battling over something that has already been dictated by the Constitution and more properly settled elsewhere. Perhaps then, they could ACTUALLY get the work of governance done and quit using people’s emotions to manipulate elections.



  Sam wrote @

Please check out the following link to find out why Ron Paul is not truly pro-life.

  Margaret wrote @

Thanks for pointing this out, but who do you suggest we vote for? Obama is perfectly happy to leave live born aborted children to die in the trash; billary is a big supporter of forced abortion, mccain talks pro-life but is far more hypocritical than you claim ron paul is. So, what’s your solution? Ron Paul is, at least, pro-life and points out that the constitution guarantees Life. He accepts that if he treats a pregnant woman and something goes wrong with the unborn child he can be tried. A return to the constitution at least guarantees the right to life. This distortion isn’t going to get you what you want, whatever it is. You cannot force a true pro-life position on anyone any more than you can force true Christianity on anyone. AT LEAST Ron Paul will bring BACK the Constitution and therefore will give every American a chance to enforce the law in respects to the unborn. ANY OTHER CANDIDATE has done everything possible to eliminate the Constitution and turn us over to a World Government that denies the unborn are human and have human rights.


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