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Bits And Pieces: Your Children REALLY Pay for this War.

terrified iraq war child

The sinister and monstrous losses of America’s youth during the Vietnam quagmire seem to have lost their impact. Have we forgotten the souls we love who we’ve lost? There is a wall to remind us, if our memories are so short.

While the ‘investors’ in that war have always felt good and justified by Vietnam and all that they got from it, I can tell you that the losses we American people took were, and STILL ARE, devastating.

The criminal disregard for the POWs, for the wounded who returned, the bureaucratic shell game over Agent Orange, needs to be REVISITED NOW, before the numbers start coinciding for our young people again.

Was it EVER a case that our government TRULY valued our children? You cannot say yes.

Is it EVER going to be the case where our government TRULY values our children? How can you say yes when the foreign policy has our young, for generations to come, in far away lands fighting wars to make the ‘elite’ rich?

Our care for the casualties coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan is DISGRACEFUL. It won’t change either, though our representatives can find all kinds of teats from which the special interests can suck off our budget, there isn’t remotely enough to take care of our veterans.

Our children pay with their lives, their limbs, their mental health. Their families are paying with fatherless children and grieving widows.

They are coming back in pieces, with pieces missing, with horrifying disabling injuries. Think this will stop if the war continues? You can tell them you voted for the warmongers based on principle.

For what? WHAT PRINCIPLE is more important than your obligation to your children, your country?
This will go on for a HUNDRED YEARS if the neo-cons have their uber-profitable way. We have far exceeded, in terms of human lives, what was lost on 9/11 our own and those of Iraqis and Afghanis.

Hussein, as horrible as he was, was not responsible for 9/11 and the Taliban are growing in number, not lessening.

The children that I know and love are FAR TOO PRECIOUS to lose for the greed and ambition of a few, who are destroying our economy, our jobs, and our futures. NO WAY do I want ANY of them sacrificed so others can go on more cruises, wear haute couture, vacation in Capri.

You tell me. Are you panting after sending YOUR children to these illegal wars? Are YOU anxious to put them in the way of ‘usable’ nukes? Are YOU willing to send them to bed tonight with stories of a financially enslaving future, if they survive this at all, in order to be ‘right’ about ‘terrorists?’ Do you REALLY believe they’ll have a better financial future if this goes on? Even a future life as good as you’ve had it? They won’t. We’re so in debt now we have to borrow from our enemies to fund this.

Are you willing to send them off for LIES?

They WILL find that out, you know.

Go ahead then. Vote for war. Believe me, your progeny will thank you for it. Won’t they?


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