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Party System is Trash- Even Libs are Whining…

alice cooper straight jacket

The two party system decided TWO YEARS AGO who would win this election, and the game has been on since the so called ‘caucuses’ to force the people into that straight jacket.

Its so bad that even the liberals are whining- “It isn’t DEMOCRATIC!”

So, you think the PEOPLE have spoken?

If so, we’d offer you a rubber room but the right has eliminated all that ‘unnecessary’ mental health care.

We get the government we deserve, we’re told. That is SO RIGHT.

Clintons are SCORCHED EARTH politicians.

More on this later.



  christopher j. wauben wrote @

Ziggy Saunders is running for the “Write In Protest Vote” Against the two party system.

check out Ziggy’s campaign ads, they are something you gotta check out. There are 2 on YouTube at

Also check out his

  alexhiggins732 wrote @

Regardless of who Chris Daggett hurts, Daggett is not a spoiler and he can win.

Daggett has broken 20 percent and can win. The Washington Post says at 20% there is a path for Daggett to win and political analysts say with 25% in the polls Daggett can win.

Now its a matter of getting that last 100,000 votes to get Daggett in a position to win.

To do that we are reaching out to voters that want to Vote for Daggett but are afraid a vote for Daggett is a wasted vote. So…

The I’ll vote for Daggett Pledge:

“I want to vote for Chris Daggett, but only if he has a real chance of winning. He needs pledges from 100,000 people like me. I don’t want to wait til Election Day to find out that those votes existed, but we were all afraid to cast them. So, I’m signing my name below, with my address to prove that I’m real, and pledging that if 100,000 people like me sign up, I will vote for Daggett.”

Click Here To Take the I’ll Vote For Daggett Pledge

Spread the word about this pledge, so we can bring an end to politics as usual.

The broken and corrupt two party system threatens us all, event if we are not from NJ. Take a stand.

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