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Decimation of EVERY American Asset: When Will We Get ANGRY?

great lakes

Well, the assets aren’t QUITE all gone, and so the pressure continues on our ‘representatives.’

America for sale.

Here is what our politicians, in favor of the corporations, are planning now:

“Big corporations seek to take (Great Lakes Fresh) water at rates that could harm or destroy entire
watersheds. And if that is not enough, some Michigan politicians are supporting proposals that would allow from 22 percent to 40 percent of some of our inland rivers and streams to be available for export to thirsty nations! (Read DESERT nations?)”

Given that water is the new gold, and human beings (or Americans) can’t survive without it, this is a strike by corporate America at the very life blood of our country.

Turning over our food production to corporations is destroying our health and our ability to feed ourselves, especially in difficult times. Strip mining by corporations has destroyed huge portions of formerly verdant and healthy natural areas. Shall we turn over our water to such destruction as well, all for the benefit of a few shareholders and the politicians they can buy? Will they be more mindful of the pollution situation, or worsen it?

When, honestly, are we going to get ANGRY???


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