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Texas BattleAxe Politics: Ron Paul Losing His Seat?

battle axe

The ‘republican’ neo-cons are laughing all the way to their coffin, having utilized their ‘Texas Battle Axes’ to defame Ron Paul, gathering back-stabbers to try to force him out… in other words, DO NOTHING, petty power-grabbing elitist politics as usual.

Yes, Ron Paul can and does do so MUCH from within the party, and the opportunity for the party to get a resurgence in REAL republicans is incredible.

But, that really isn’t what they want, is it? The ROCKMAN has set in and he ain’t movin.’ He will see what he wants to see, and hear only what he wants to hear. That’s it.

Since prophets are never welcome in their own home, it is time to face the fact that Ron Paul has a GREATER CALLING than being ignored in Washington.

Since agendas are already set, totally apart from logic and law, no amount of reason, intellect, evidence, facts, numbers, or any useful contribution by FINE AMERICANS makes a difference, I believe Ron Paul is wasting his time.

Congress is a ‘waste of good air.’ From one end to the other they are too self-aborbed in their money and influence games that they don’t even look outside anymore. They don’t care who and what is ‘out there.’

You don’t want him? WE DO.

If Pontius Pilate had washed his hands of the Devil, things might have been different. But, he didn’t and true to politics everywhere, neither will Congress.

It stands to reason that if there are vast numbers of people willing to be lead by Ron Paul, and who WANT to be led by Ron Paul, then RON PAUL SHOULD LEAD THEM, while there is time, before things get tragic.

So, since there are huge numbers of r3volutionaries willing and ready to take things in hand, run for office, get all the seats they can from dog catcher to Congress, well, let Ron Paul lead the r3volution that believes in him. We want to get him to the Office of President and snatch it from the hands of Diebold et al.

Congress won’t listen to reason, OR the people anyway.  WE NEED RON PAUL to lead the r3volution and take the government back.  He can’t do it wasting his time where he is ignored.  His calling has changed- he must go where he can make a REAL DIFFERENCE.

The country will need all of us on the same page in the days to come. Ron Paul can work with us, and make sure there is nothing missing from that playbook.



  salinaspaul wrote @

I think he has already started down the path of mentor/nurturer by writing his upcoming book, “The Revolution: A Manifesto”. I imagine that he named this book specifically for that reason. I am very interested to get a copy of it, myself…

  rod wrote @

I guess the department of education worked. The American citizens are so dumbed down they can’t see the presidential election is being turned into a sporting event. The issues that are destroying the U.S.A. are being ignored. This election shouldn’t be about left or right, republican, democrat, red blue, it should be about THE PEOPLE VS. THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!! GGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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