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Starving Vampires and Ron Paul: The Screenplay

dracula bites

Imagine, instead of the Dracula story we know, that it was the VAMPIRES that were in the vast majority. The darkness they brought over the world was stifling ALL light, all life, all growth. The entire governing systems of the world were under their sway. Their promises were so AWESOME. It worked for nearly a hundred years, but…

No matter how ‘right’ and ‘true’ regular human beings were, in a political situation like that, there could be no workable compromise. It would be a ‘winner take all’ fight, and normal human beings don’t WANT to be vampires, or they would be already.

In this scenario, the vampires have sucked everyone dry possible. People believed their charm, their style, their confidence and turned themselves and their interests, their life-blood, to them. It seemed SO MUCH EASIER to listen to them than to fight them at the time, to do whatever it took to heed and act on the warnings of previous generations who had fought and won that same battle. They were so reassuring, and they still are. People are still willing to engage that game, but…

The vampires know that they have reached the saturation point. They’ve gotten EVERYONE that they could get through easier means, like deception, propaganda, and all the style and class of Hollywood. Not only have the Inner Circle gorged on the supply, but they’ve infected so many others that vampiricism has spread through the population like a hyper-virus. There is a HUGE competition for what ‘resources’ remain.

Its no longer only the Inner Circle that is hungry for blood. The demand from their ‘progeny’ is so far out-stripping the supply that things are getting, well, desperate.

The Inner Circle will NOT do the starving, no matter how many of their ‘devotees’ have assisted them, helped them, promoted them, squashed their enemies… they are all disposable to the inner circle, though that reality hasn’t hit ‘home’ for those ‘king makers’, quite yet. They’re still enjoying the propaganda.

But, the uninfected ones KNOW. They KNOW and they SEE. Real light has pierced through the contrived dark of the vampire’s world, and they are running to it, no matter what.

In this do-or-die election, things are slipping. The preferred candidates aren’t doing so well, even among the faithful. There just isn’t enough blood to go around anymore. More and more have to do without. One candidate, young and beautiful, is drawing large numbers from the young, hoping he can supply to them as well as their parents had been- the era of the free and easy; those are the few remaining youngsters who can actually SUPPLY more blood than they take. But his light, his inadequacy is not the REAL light others have seen. Its another charade. He’s already given his blood- he’s also infected, but in the early stages. He’ll NEVER be able to free himself from the darkness.

The enlightened people have started a r3volution, and the inner circle sees it coming and knows it doesn’t have much time. Soon it will have to face what it has created, and the r3volutionaries, and the ultimate solution will need to be implemented. Fast.

The lines in the sand are drawn.

Inner Circle- will NEVER do without, will never starve.

Lackeys- kept unless they can’t get them what the inner circle wants. They can be ‘removed’ at any moment. Their desirable place is so good that almost anybody would want it. Be incredibly ruthless, cold and supremely effective or…

Infected populace- kill them off, let them starve. They’re competing for the few remaining resources.

Ron Paul r3volutionaries- the only ones with the weapons to REALLY fight this off. The only ones who know how to bring back the REAL light that scatters the vampires. Round them up and keep them as livestock.

Tell me, folks, how does this scenario seem to you? Will the light overcome the darkness?

Perhaps propagandizing, slick story-telling, hollywood illusion and storytelling, could make a best-seller!


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  Ron Holland wrote @

FreedomFest 2008 – Ron Paul has just been confirmed as a speaker and he will join our 100 plus speakers and 1,000 plus attendees in Las Vegas on July 10 -12 at Freedomfest 2008. We must continue the campaign to promote the Ron Paul Revolution of liberty, a return to limited constitutional government and free markets to the American public.
Ron Holland, Wolf Laurel, NC

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