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Standing Ground Before She’s Gone: Write In Ron Paul!

Needless War

Criminal minds are the only kind who can conceive of destroying the very Liberty that made them great.

They’re thrilling over the shed blood, the terror, the suffering, the loss we all feel. Its how they get their rocks off.

Without Liberty, they couldn’t have pulled THIS off.

This cannot be accepted.

We will NEVER stand down.

We will not be ignored any longer.

We’re going to WRITE HIM IN if we have to.  Whatever it takes.

Had enough. It is time to END this insanity, this psychopathy.


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  Michael wrote @

This is what we need to do to get RP elected.

The only way it will work, though, is to up the ante on the # of Precinct Captains goal that the official RP 2008 site has set @ 25,000 to double that or 50,000 Precinct Captains nationwide by the 4th of July or Independence Day, which will be the day for the FREEDOM $$$ BOMB with a fundraising goal of $10,000,000.00 to finance the final leg of the “write-in” RP campaign from 7/4/08 to election day in November in order to secure 50,000,000 “write-in” voters for RP.

This idea of mine is called 50:50.

It’s called 50:50 because the 1st 50 represents the 50,000 Precinct Captains (PC’s) for RP, of which I am already, and the 2nd or final 50 represents the 50,000,000 committed “write-in” voters for RP in November, of which I am already committed, too.

There are approximately 19,000 PC’s already nationwide for RP of the original 25,000 the official RP campaign has been shooting for.

Again, I say we double the doable 25,000 PC’s to 50,000 in order to canvass every neighborhood or PRECINCT in the country, of which there are 180,000 nationally to secure 50,000,000 “write-in” voters for RP by Nov.

The FREEDOM $10,000,000.00 BOMB on July 4th or Independence Day will should generate enough publicity and cash to finance the final leg of the 50:50 “write-in” campaign to get RP elected, MSM and GOP chicanery notwithstanding.

The ONLY caveat is that every state has different regulations for “write-in” presidential voting, so someone has to take charge of each state’s Secretary of State being contacted by RP in time to make sure he is eligible in time for “write-in” voting by November.

In my state, CA, the deadline is Oct., and requires RP to request “write-in” candidacy and a couple other things regarding delegates.

This will/can work if enough PC’s, like myself, commit to canvassing their own PRECINCTS to secure as many “write-in” voters for RP as possible in time for November.

The FREEDOM $10,000,000.00 BOMB should explode loud and clear for all to see and hear as the front page story of the day to rally more than enough of the 50,000,000 “write-in” voters RP will need to get elected regardless of who wins the GOP nomination, and regardless of who the MSM and GOP prop up to win.

We just need to make sure PAPER BALLOTS with official verifiable “chain of command” receipts are used for this election and NOT e-voting, which will defraud us of our “write-in” votes, too.

Join the rEVOLution!

Heed the call…Ron Paul 4 all!

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