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First Black President a Return to Slavery?


Slavery is primarily an economic policy, and the evidently necessary reminder of what slavery was originally about in America.

Among the many hypocrisies of our Rock Star candidate Barak Obama, a return to economic slavery in America is one of the most evident results of his economic policies and his very own submitted budget.

Obama’s platform outlines new spending of $287 Billion at a time when our country is so bankrupt we MUST borrow EVERY DAY from our ENEMIES. At a time where the working Americans that remain employed give over 50% of their income to taxes. His platform cannot be supported in any conceivable way other than RAISING taxes and further enslaving ALL Americans to the government bureaucracy.

Recall history, if you know any, Mr. Obama, and remember the suffering that American’s ended based upon the Constitution and a willingness to shed the blood and spend the wealth of those who did NOT engage in slavery and opposed it. Remember that it was the Constitution of the United States that provided the VERY BASIS for such an end to a heinous crime against humanity, and ask yourself- what are my policies that will BRING THAT BACK???

A second feature of slavery that exposes Obama’s hypocrisy is the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act silences American dissent under the most flimsy of circumstances, allows Americans to be incarcerated and imprisoned without Habeus Corpus or even without contacting family. The government is allowed free reign to ‘pressure’ and ‘torture’ American citizens without ANY Constitutional protections as the Constitution itself has been overturned, during Obama’s watch, without even so much as a peep of complaint about it, let alone the outspoken voice one would expect.

Recall, Mr. Obama, the lynch mobs and those who would murder slaves, murder protesters all by avoiding the law of the Constitution and the corrupted officials that turned away from the inherent rights of those people. Recall how blacks were SILENCED by government, by the media, by the affluent. Re-examine your own corruption and willingness to sell out the Constitution two years running, and ask yourself, am I willing to take the heat and restore the Constitution to its rightful place? Am I willing to do whatever it takes, for the protection of ALL my American PEOPLE, to UPHOLD THE VOW that my soul will surely be held to before God?

While Obama is personable and very attractive, he simply isn’t a man of proper conviction. He has no interest in the Constitution and is perfectly willing to return America to a slave state for no other reason than to be a sugar-daddy for all those who prefer a nanny state to freedom; who prefer to spend other people’s money than earn and keep their own.

Recall that we are all created EQUAL, that ALL are entitled to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, and ask yourself why you don’t believe that? Why should some be enslaved in order that others can have a better, government provided living? Why should the unborn, who automatically have the right to LIVE be considered less than human as your black ancestors were?

That the Constitution and Bill of Rights PREVAILED with bloodshed and money that was NOT YOUR OWN is the ONLY REASON that your candidacy is possible in the first place. Need you be reminded that there have been NO black Prime Ministers or Presidents in other Western Nations as of yet?

We need Ron Paul who not only understand the critical economic issues of our time, but understands what canceling the Constitution actually means and will bring about for all of us- including the former slaves and oppressed people of our nation’s history. They must be spinning in their graves!

It really is way past time that Atlas shrugs…



  Diane wrote @

Epitome of the nanny state. Does anyone ask where all this money, in our bankrupt nation, is going to come from? Either higher taxes or more Monopoly money printed, courtesy of the Federal Reserve….People, WAKE UP!

Ron Paul is an economic genius. While McCain has the Governator and Huckabee has Chuck Norris, Ron Paul’s endorsements from professors of economics are HUGE and can be found at

The lesser of two evils is STILL EVIL.

  Darrell Kordus wrote @

The lesser of two evils is STILL EVIL.
No other candidate running for office is interested in saving our Constitution but Ron Paul. The bottom line is we don’t have a choice voting for the lesser of two evils, that’s not an option. Vote for Ron Paul or not at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Patriot Act is an Act to destroy our freedom, it should be abolished at once. Obama being a CFR member, the only intention that he has is to carry out the policy of the New World Order. A vote for Obama is a vote for the return of slavery .
God help us elect Ron Paul.

  Alma wrote @

Although I agree with Ron Paul, I will still vote for Obama for several reasons.

First, Ron Paul is republican and I will never vote for a republican in my life.
Second, I don’t think that the country is ready to hear the truth about our politics and our economical decisions in our country or around the world yet.
Third, I believe that Barack is a middle step towards an introspective understanding of this truth. While people are trying to survive due to the lack of access to basic human needs such as peace, food, medical help, and education, we cannot expect them to spend one second trying to understand certain truths and concepts that have been purposely erased from our consciousness’s a long time ago.

So I will vote for Obama this time and there is no way I will vote for a republican and loose my opportunity to get innocent people who are dying right now so that we can engage in this conversation.

  Margaret wrote @

Alma, you are facing the same dilemma many of us faced years ago with the democratic party when they betrayed all pro-lifers in the party AND covered up and assisted with Chinagate. Those of us who were UNWELCOME in the dem party had to go elsewhere, and that was the GOP. As you know, Bush has done even worse that the Dems, although we will soon face what Chinagate did to us; and McCain is impossible to vote for. That leaves Ron Paul OR a third party. This is the state of our politics and politicians today, that one or the other is so abhorrent, so repulsive that even though we despise the policies, politicians and positions of the other we vote for them anyway and go home and throw up.

I can’t do it any longer and neither can many others. Sounds like you’ll be there after the next election.

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