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Only America Impedes the One World Government!

Kennard stop war

It is ONLY an America, happy, prosperous and free, that keeps the One World Government from having free and unfettered access to all the assets of the world.

As we can see from history, we have been set up, with failures, to drain our resources and lose our respect in the world. From Vietnam to Iraq, we have been dragged into undeclared quagmires that slaughter our young men, spread our assets around the world for no long term good, and commit (in our name) the most heinous overthrows of democratically elected governments in the world.

While WE speak of spreading a healthy democracy around the world, our so-called ‘leaders’ sell our assets behind our backs, destroy every democracy, and shed the kind and amount of blood that would make our worst mass-murderers shudder!

Why on earth would we DESTROY democracies when we are, supposedly, spreading democracy? It has long been a bizarre mystery- what are the School of Americas about? Why do we support Musharraf, Hussein, the Saudi Monarchy and others?

Finally the truth is out there for all to see who will look and REALLY SEE.

Democracies cannot be bought and sold through corruption of outsiders. They can only be bought and sold through the most ruthless of dictators that the CIA can find.

It is the extreme profit of the military industrial complex, and the private militaries it can hire to contain US dissenters, that will sell THIS democracy down the road, all of these resources paving the way for the most monstrous of tyrannical governments- a global, one world despotic tyranny, using any force, any politician, any media available to forward that motion.

Until now, America has been far too rich to be taken down easily. It took Chinagate and the Democrats, and this remote-controlled Bush/Cheney administration, to find enough ways to collapse the economy, destroy the citizen’s ability to think, and to operate ‘under the radar’ of the American people, in the sight of their ‘representatives’ to usurp and remove national sovereignty.

Our global bankers have done everything possible to destroy our economy so that we can be controlled.

The LAST thing any of the hidden illuminati powers that be want is a Ron Paul President.

He is the only politician in most people’s living memory that genuinely understands what has happened and what we are up against.


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  People Power Granny wrote @

Tonight I’m disgusted when I think of all the promises I’ve heard from my country’s leaders, who turn around and do the opposite of what they promise. What do you think when you experience their broken promises? Vote in my poll at on how many promises you know of that were broken by your leaders.

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