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Detroit’s Economic Miracle Coming Soon to YOU!

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Detroit’s corrupt, tax and spend gluttony has been the economic miracle of last 40 years, and your politicans and candidates want to share this miracle with YOU!

To bring it, they’ve outlined their NEW spending for the ‘benefit’ of our country, our citizens, our military, our safety, our protection, our ‘liberties as follows:

  • Clinton: New Spending $218.2
  • Obama: New Spending $287
  • Huckabee: New Spending $54.2
  • McCain: New Spending $6.9
  • Romney: New Spending: $19.5
  • Paul: Cutting Spending: -$150.1

The current ‘rock star’ of the democratic party is following the time honored tradition of Coleman Young, miracle worker extraordinaire, in being one of the most corrupted politicians in America two years running, spending like it isn’t HIS money, and selling out all of the best interests of the country because he wants to ‘make a statement.’

Amazing how American slavery will likely return by the policies of very guy who is making Black history!

Well, what do you need a country for? What good is your freedom? Why should you get to keep what you’ve worked for? WHO ARE YOU, ANYWAY???

Better to buy the illusion than to face reality and KEEP what’s yours…

Ron Paul is too boring, too staid, with too few ‘sound bites.’ You have to think when he speaks, you have to be able to understand the difference between REALITY and OPINION, between what IS good and what FEELS good.

The illusion-mongers and brain washers of our tube culture know this and are gleefully celebrating OUR ignorance.


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  Restore LIberty wrote @

Obama said in a recent speech he wants to increase the pay of public school teachers by $4,000 per year.

Why not pass the Fair Tax and have not only teachers but all americans keep 100% of their paychecks instead. This would eliminate the IRS with a national sales tax that would expose government spending.

The bureaucrats in Washington don’t want the people to know of the Fair Tax because it takes power away from them and gives it back to the people.

For your children’s liberty, please google fair tax and google ron paul.

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