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Bush Is Getting Ready to Take his Dictatorship

Heil Bush

There was a day when simply a gap in a tape, a clearly erased attempt at a cover-up, was enough to impeach a president or force him to resign. Richard Nixon was known as Tricky Dick, no one trusted him with the power the office of Presidency when he was so blatantly ignoring the Constitution, our rights, and the interests of the people.

Now, George W Bush is able to make jokes about lying to the public, about Dick Cheney covering over papers of illegal activity; joked about how he likes a dictatorship ‘as long as I’m the dictator.’ Any ONE of those ‘jokes’ would have landed Nixon in PRISON. Investigative reporters would have been ALL OVER that and the directions it could have taken them.

He just hasn’t cared that he is a ‘lame duck’ President, because he knows he ISN’T ONE. He hasn’t cared if we make fun of his wooden speaking style, his word games, his obtuse ‘ignorance’ at worthy questioning.

Our country and our liberties are at stake, our Constitution is GONE and we are in genuine danger of a military state that can disappear YOU and YOUR CHILDREN, and THIS is what we get from our professional journalists, especially one that calls themselves a ‘sleuth’?

Despite all the billions spent on ‘national security’- all WASTED with this next announcement, all the incompetence and brute force of the private enforcement militias and global ‘terrorism’ investigations and pursuit of terrorists… we get this…

The ‘President’ is announcing his warning, of an impending terrorist incident,a round-about way, that we will not make it to the election.

This is his style. We should be used to it by now.

Like the woman who is dating a man who reveals he is incapable of loving her, we are incredibly stupid if we ignore this. In his own way, like that date, he has told us.

We are already SUICIDAL: without rights, without the Constitution; citizens are already illegally investigated, illegally policed by private militias; already illegally taxed; already suffering from private banker’s economic policies; citizens are ALREADY ENEMIES OF OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

Two things only are left. The REAL ID, and a Republicrat excuse to declare Martial Law. Then it is over.

This is a MUST SEE video. Watch it and weep.

Amish Summer Savory Tomato Pie

I LOVE pies. I really, really love pies. It isn’t often that I get a great recipe for a savory pie, one good enough for a meal or an unforgettable side dish. Usually always that means quiche, for me, otherwise pies are dessert.

But THIS Amish pie, given to me by an Amish friend I’ve written about elsewhere, is so good that I’d like you to have this recipe BEFORE the tomatoes come in to the garden, BEFORE your church picnics or reunions… you’ll want to keep this recipe handy!

2 c bisquick (she made it easy for me- otherwise use homemade biscuit mix)
2/3 c milk.

Mix together and spread it out evenly in a 10″ pie pan.

Stir together:
1 lb grated parmesan
1/2 t sweet basil
1/2 t garlic salt
1/2 t oregano

divide 1 1/2 c real mayonnaise (you could substitute this with olive oil, dressing, etc.- the Amish make their own mayonnaise)

Peel and slice 6 tomatoes

In layers, over the biscuit mix, put tomato slices, mixed cheese and spread a portion of the mayonnaise. Continue until all ingredients are used up, ending with a layer of cheese mix.
Bake 350 for about 35 mins until biscuit crust is done.

Serve hot or cold

I’d love to hear how you like this!

Citizens as Enemies: Thugs of Redford Twp Michigan

China: The differences are STARK.

Like most Americans, China was never really on my ‘radar’ as a young adult, especially since relations between our countries didn’t ‘open up’ until the 80′s. Once they did open, my husband and I had an experience of the government of China that most people will never have. At the time, my husband worked for a major university in the midwest and the first batch of Chinese students had arrived for studies. He worked as a truck driver/ delivery man for the university. One day his truck, filled completely with heavy steel office desks, was turning a corner. A Chinese student was riding a bicycle as he did back home, passed a bus on the left and hit the side of my husbands truck. You could see, on the side, where the student flew high up on the side and slid down. The student went under the truck wheels and was crushed. The accident was so upsetting that my husband never drove a truck of any kind again.

That wasn’t the end of it, of course. Chinese ambassadors, diplomats and investigators converged on my husband, all took their crack at him with questioning, investigating- it seemed very clear to him that the Chinese government felt that citizens were enemies and not to be trusted. The university and law enforcement officials duly conducted all the investigations requested by the Chinese. Of course it was an accident. There would be no charges brought against my husband. Yet he never felt as though the Chinese were comfortable with that. While the investigation ended, for him the death of the student never left him. He was devastated.

This accident, happening so soon after relations opened up with China, had made the school concerned that further students would be inhibited from coming, but not so. Chinese students came in droves, the school opened up programs to assist them with language, with getting settled, with socializing with each other. The students were quiet and worked extremely hard. They went into every critical field- engineering, medicine, research, computer science. They became a regular part of living in a college town. We all became accustomed to seeing Chinese walking or riding bikes everywhere. They were never in restaurants or coffee houses, though. They were extremely frugal, living on ramen, rice and tea. Their socialization was never outside of the student body or work. They stuck together and said little.

Working in a research lab, with Chinese scientists moving from student to worker, in preparation for returning to their country, I had much more contact with them directly. American credentials were highly prized among these people. They would comment that they appreciated my patience with their language difficulties and pronunciation problems, appreciated the help and assistance I gave them as they needed it to complete their work.

It occasioned that the Chinese government began permitting spousal visits from China to America as the families were separated for longer and longer periods of times. Therefore, I was one of the people they were comfortable with and I also began showing spouses around the area, helping get them settled, showing them parks, rivers, and other sites to see.

They are a peculiar people. They do NOT forgive, even the smallest gaffe. On one occasion I was driving a couple around, taking them to dinner, and they were talking about their daughter. They had wonderful things to say about her, and mentioned her independent nature. I complemented them on raising a strong and independent girl, who would be well prepared to make her way in the world. I was misunderstood. The wife, at least, took it to be a GREAT insult- and the rest of our visit together was unbelievably and inexplicably vicious on her part. It was relentless. It continued visit after visit, it infected the work relationship I had with her husband, no apologies or explanations did anything but make it worse, and it just didn’t end. I actually had to decline to be the ‘tour guide’ for this couple. Other Chinese I worked with and knew told me that I should refuse the invitation to go to the Beijing University, because with this much hostility I would actually be in physical danger if I were to go.

Reagan had declined to open economic relations with China, for the reason that one doesn’t enrich your enemies.

China is a Communist country and no matter what opinion they may hold of America and democracy, or have held in the past, a dictatorship under communism, and the brutality of enforcing that government, has a serious and permanent effect on the citizens of the regime. Reagan was right. A poor dictator is much less dangerous than a wealthy one.

Thanks to the Clintons, that changed dramatically in the 1990′s and has put America in the most dangerous position it has ever been in.

More on that soon.

Battle of the Blogs: Saving the American Constitution

battle of the blogs

The fight for America is of CRITICAL importance, not only for Americans but also for the world.

Things have been manipulated, the people have been duped, stupefied, drugged and transformed into something ineffectual and in far greater danger than they can imagine.

News outlets have let us down, having been terrorized by the Military Anthrax attack and we cannot count on them, or their truth-telling any longer.

We must make do. We MUST find new ways to expose the truth, expose the dangers we are all in.

We must bring all the viewpoints to the table that we can, examine what we know, examine what we suspect, examine what we fear. Only in this way can the people come to realize the truth of our times, the truth of what is at stake, the truth of what is at risk.

Many people are trying. Institutions we used to be able to rely on are now nothing more than puppets over an unseen hand. There are websites, blogs, videos, viral sites- all are trying to do their part.

It is an uphill battle, isn’t it? Taking people’s attention off of their manipulation boxes and into the real world? Sounds much like the Matrix, and it is.

So, here we come to it, the latest effort- the Battle of the Blogs.

EuroYank has begun this battle, and I’ve thrown my own gloves into the ring. If you want to also, consider this your invitation.

We’re calling all FREE PEOPLE out on the carpet. Make your position and your facts KNOWN.

Ron Paul R3VOLutionaries say: Could you be any MORE IGNORANT, NEVADA GOP???

dead gop

In a STUNNING upset, Ron Paul R3volutionaries took the Nevada GOP, so thoroughly that the PARTY WALKED OUT despite the CLEAR desires of the PEOPLE it is supposed to represent. The answers you’ve given us are pure blather. NO MORE.

ANYONE that says the election process represents the ‘will of the people’ has had their head buried in television.

This NEEDS to be said:

GOP- YOU NEED the Ron Paul R3volutionaries. You don’t get to ignore us, you don’t get to get ‘out of it.’ The R3volution is REAL. It has begun, is isn’t going to stop until we get our country BACK.

Work with us. Otherwise, it is entirely predictable what will happen.

Your local elections will be TAKEN by Ron Paul people, who are now not only participating in politics, but ENERGIZED by your idiocy and infuriated by your ARROGANCE.

State elections- in the face of a clearly FASCIST and TRAITOROUS national Republican party, States rights will become ever more important. EVERY STATE ELECTION will be FORCED to deal with Ron Paul people from NOW ON.

Given the corruption of the GOP at the very top, r3volutionaries, who accept reality, will be doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to loosen your grip on power; remove your ‘plants’ and expose and PROSECUTE your corruption.

You had a chance to cooperate with the young, the energetic, the creative, the high tech internets, the people of the NEW AMERICA, and YOU CHOSE A SMACKDOWN instead.

You COULD have had an incredible NEW BASE of support that would have taken down all competitors but instead you CHOSE YOUR CORRUPT BUSINESS AS USUAL, kowtowing to your ONE WORLD MASTERS.

In every community, in every neighborhood, in every county and city, in every STATE, the r3volutionaries are AT WORK- hard work, dedicated work, to save our country from YOU and those like you in the other party.

It isn’t ABOUT RON PAUL anymore, and it isn’t about YOU, either!

The country HAS BEEN ABOUT THE PEOPLE until YOU greased your palms with filthy money.

Those days are just about over. Ron Paul or no Ron Paul, YOU HAVE MADE SOME SERIOUSLY BAD MOVES.

Give the country back easily or make us TAKE IT BACK.

We KNOW- your puppet-masters are on the verge of declaring martial law and FINALLY taking our Constitution away. It isn’t going to work. We are telling you NOW.

Understand, the country ISN’T YOURS TO KEEP. It NEVER was. It belongs to the People, and the People are claiming their own whether you like it or not.

The days of the two parties are NUMBERED. Praise God. Edit: Couldn’t be just COINCIDENCE, could it???

Bush Says: I am a ‘Little Guy.’ Have You Noticed That?

Hideous Biological Threat on Our Shores Courtesy of DHS

Dept Homeland Security

An enterprising person doing the Rense Twitter feed dug up this TOTALLY IGNORED blog post on Plum Island.

I have noticed the change in the media since the anthrax attack, and Plum Island is the facility which deals in biological materials like that.

It gets much worse.

DHS wants to turn it into a ‘Bio Agra Defense Facility’.

It will be dealing with some of the most dangerous biological agents known to man, and is open to working with, and experimenting with worse- ebola (hemorragic fever viruses), weaponized anthrax, small pox, and etc.

The facility was evidently the source of a variety of diseases that had never before been in America, such as Lyme Disease.

Wastewater issues and other ‘insecurities’ mean releases into the environment and other serious hazards are not only possible but LIKELY.

There is a terrifying litany of accidents.

Here’s a partial example, quoted directly “August 18, 1991 – Category 3 Hurricane Bob hits Plum Island knocking down overhead power lines connecting Lab 257 to its only remaining source of electricity, a generator at another location on the island. Freezers containing virus samples defrost, air seals on lab doors are breached, and animal holding room vents fail. The lab’s ‘fail-safe’ mechanism of ‘air dampers’ to seal off the facility also fail in the open position. Melted virus samples mix with infected animal waste on the floor while swarms of mosquitoes fill the facility.”

Do we even want to THINK about security lapses, like those of our military industrial and nuclear secrets?

If there was EVER a terrorist target, this would be IT.

Read the entire post.

Dem Party Slapping Down Obama, MoveOn.Org AND the ACLU

The two parties are accomplishing a LOT this year by letting EVERYONE know WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE.

Despite the votes and support of delegates and super-delegates for Obama, the Democratic Party is moving anyway to nominate Hillary Clinton- just as much a part of the current dynasty as the Bush administration is.

This is a MAJOR slapdown of Obama, yes, but EVEN MORE it is a slapdown of MoveOn.Org, George Soros, the ACLU and the peace movement.

If the people were to have an election in November, the people’s choices would be for CHANGE: Ron Paul versus Barak Obama.

Barak Obama and Ron Paul, like it or not, are being political ‘martyrs’ to the parties FIRST interests.

The Republican party has slapped down the people’s choice, conservatism AND their religious core. Looks like the Democratic party feels it can do the same without fear of any kind.

Since it is REALLY the parties who are calling the shots, what we WILL get is more of the same: McCain versus Clinton.

IF we make it to elections in November, what we get to vote for is MORE OF THE SAME, OR EVEN MORE OF THE SAME.

This hardly seems like representative government, does it?

Slapdowns: not just for the PEOPLE anymore.

If that doesn’t ALARM you, what will?

Continental Driver’s License Issued: New Era for Americans

Security Prosperity Partership Logo

Whether you want it or not, shortly every country on the North American hemisphere will have access and information about YOU, an American Citizen.

Ron Paul is RIGHT. NAFTA, and the North American Union is REAL.

The very first such license has been issued in North Carolina!

“Marge Howell, spokeswoman for the North Carolina DMV, told the press that the state was embedding a hologram of North America on the back of their new driver’s licenses. “It’s a security element that eventually will be on the back of every driver’s license in North America,” Howell said.

“The goal is of the North American hologram,” Howell explained, “is to get one common element that law enforcement throughout the continent can look at on all driver’s licenses and tell that the driver’s license is an official document.”

The chip hologram is based on the logo above.

This is, of course, a much better solution than enforcing the laws that are already on the books- much better to make enemies and suspects of every American, than to genuinely CLOSE THE BORDERS to illegal immigration, or follow up on expired VISAs.

The North American Union is HERE already, and the only ones that don’t know it are the citizens. Radio chipped drivers licenses, being fought in 38 states by opposed citizens, are still being foisted on us in the same clandestine way that the roots of weeds take hold in your garden no matter what you do.

Soon we’ll wake up in a very different country we went to sleep in the night before….


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